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Summer Makeup Routine (Another IGTV!)

Hi! I got carried away with filming when I was out in the Hamptons, and I recorded another IGTV of my summer makeup routine. (ICYMI, I shared my everyday jewelry in my first IGTV here + blog post with the details here!)

If you remember this blog post from May, I was trying to establish a natural makeup routine for myself, and I am very happy with what I came up with (which I'm sharing in the video!) The products I ordered at the beginning of the summer have all quickly become favorites of mine, and I'm so excited for you to see how I use them and like them. I am obsessed with them and really can't recommend them enough!

You can watch the video on my IGTV here, and shop all of the products below:

Shop the makeup look...
used with Sephora 202 brush (old; new version here)

Glossier Cloud Paint in Puff (also mentioned Beam)

Tower 28 Clear Jelly Lip Gloss

What are your fave beauty products for summer?

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