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This Week's Top 10

Hellooooo, happy Friday, congrats on surviving another week of quarantine!! After last week's more meaningful roundup of ten links, this week is going to be pretty light.

1. After living alone for the first time in my life, albeit only for a week, I'm kind of obsessed??? It's so fun, and combine that with this incredibly chic studio apartment tour, I'm pretty convinced I would love to live alone (sans roommate, as I thought) in NYC next year.

2. I just ordered this book as my next read! In case you missed it, I shared the three books I've read so far in quarantine in yesterday's blog post.

Random note: the Nancy Myer's home interior inspiration blog post I wrote this week was one of my favesss! Also shared a Mother's Day gift guide in case you missed it!

3. Last week I blogged about four people inspiring me right now, one of whom is Athena Calderone! Her kitchen was featured in this post here... check it out if you want to see a seriously swoon-worthy space!

4. I think I need to get grapefruits next time I'm at the grocery store for the sole purpose of making this grapefruit mojito recipe. That would just be... so my truth. Or I'll get a jalapeno and make a spicy version of my margarita recipe here. So many options!

5. Another recipe I would love to try out (would be so fun to serve at a ~future~ dinner party in the summer): citrus avocado salad with orange tahini vinaigrette

6. One more recipe, because pasta is always the answer in quarantine, and you probably have all of these ingredients in your pantry already: Bon Appetit's Pasta al Limone

7. Last one: these cookies that Sammy made look sooo good!!!

8. If you haven't heard about the Sephora sale happening right now, are you living under a rock?! I can't pretend like I'm a huge beauty/skincare influencer, because we all know I'm never wearing makeup or working on a skincare routine, but there areeee a few things I just couldn't live without...  this eyebrow thing (i am shade 2.5), this CC cream (i am shade medium), and this foundation brush, which is easily my best beauty purchase ever-- it is a game-changer!!!

9.  You guys knowww I love my Veja's sneakers! HOW CUTE is this color combo!!

10. This little top under $20 is v cute for spring. Too bad there's nowhere to wear it! Lol



  1. Aww Fran! Thanks for sharing my cookies! Wish I could make you a batch right now! <3


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