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My Quarantine Cocktail Menu

I've been ~in the house bored~ lately and making random cocktails most nights for a quarantine cocktail hour. I shared one of them the other night and some of you asked me to share more cocktail recipes! In typical fashion, that got me way too excited and resulted in this "Quarantine Cocktail Menu." I had so much fun naming these drinks; I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Yes, I think I'm really funny.

I've made about half of these drinks since quarantining. The rest I just made up in my head! The other night when I made up the "CITRUS-19" (which I posted on my story), it was so delicious; it might be my favorite on here!

I actually haven't been wanting to drink a lot since I've been home. I've been so relaxed and kind of loving the break from alcohol after a few crazy weeks at school pre-quarantine. But, I have fun getting creative with cocktails and sometimes a little drink with dinner or while watching a movie is a nice treat!

A few notes...

 Introducing my morning coffee order of choice these days, sans whiskey (I'm not crazy!). However, one of these days I probably will make a true Irish coffee like this and watch a movie while quarantine-and-chilling.

If you've never tried a Kombucha cocktail, I highly recommend it! I used my favorite Kombucha the other night when I made this, which is Synergy's Gingerberry. I don't like my drinks too sweet, so I did about a 1:1 ratio of kombucha and seltzer, with a shot of lemon vodka (my mom and I are currently loving the Effen 'Yuzu Citrus' vodka)

We have rhubarb liqueur at our house (and I love it), so that's what I used! However, I know that's pretty unusual, so this would also be delicious with any other liqueur you might have-- especially elderflower!

 This is like a margarita, but cleaner! Salt the rim of your glass and add a slice of jalapeno to make it spicy, if that's how you roll!

Add all ingredients and some ice to a blender, and blend until slushie consistency. I recommend one glass of rosé per shot of vodka for the ratio.

serve in a copper mug!

Meant to be a refreshing alternative to a martini-- add all ingredients to a shaker with ice, shake, strain, and pour into a glass.

Confession... I've been obsessed with rum and diet cokes for the last few months. It all started when I discovered Trader Joe's white rum was super inexpensive and surprisingly pretty good...

Gin on the rocks with lime is a guilty pleasure of mine if I'm feeling crazy. If I lived somewhere warm and could sit outside sipping on this in the sun wearing a cute outfit, I think my quarantine dreams would be made.

obviously, this is a joke!!!!

Is there a drink you've been making at home recently? If so, please share, I want to try it!

Happy Thirsty Thursday!! Let me know if you try any of these!

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