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This Week's Top 10: The Meaningful One

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I've been rounding up ten links for the week for a couple of years now, and admittedly, the value in this weekly series really varies... from materialistic shoppable roundups to lifestyle recaps, you never know what you are going to get! They rarely come with any introduction, but this week, we are switching it up!

I've found that this pandemic has brought out a much more humanistic side of people... by spending more time with ourselves figuring out what we enjoy, reconnecting with habits and hobbies, and just living intuitively, more meaningful content is rising to the surface.

My mom and I have spent a lot of time talking about how much this has benefitted our culture... it's almost a blessing in disguise when you are looking at the positive side of it. Of course, it's absolutely horrible that people are sick, dying, alone, and scared, but on the bright side, human nature is kinder, the world is cleaner, and people are acting better. It's frustrating and upsetting that it took a global pandemic to make people appreciate each other, act with kindness, and take a step back to recognize all of the things we have to be grateful for, but at least that is happening!

As a result, here are 10 things I've loved since COVID-19:

1. Let's start here: if you're a frequent reader, you know I love Grace! Her article on maintaining mental health while quarantining is really valuable.

2. I've mentioned The Daily Stoic quite a few times on here, but here I am again, simply because it's especially relevant right now. Reading the daily passage from this book every morning has been so grounding for me because it is a great reminder of what we can and cannot control. I highly recommend this book if you are even slightly interested in meditation or philosophy, or just in the development of your morning routine. I would not consider myself well-adapted to wellness at all, but reading this book every morning has improved my mindset drastically and really gives me the boost I often feel I need in our fast-paced, socially connected cultured!

3. I decided to set a goal to go for a walk first thing every morning this week, and I'm proud to say that I did it! And I kind of think I want to continue to do it forever. Waking up and getting outside has completely boosted my mindset and mood. It's so nice to feel like you've already done something by the time you're making coffee! Highly recommend.

4. Do you have a "thing" that always makes you feel better? If I had to pick one thing that never, ever fails to make me feel better, it would have to be going for a light run. I know that's such a cliche answer, but there's something about getting outside, listening to my music, and moving my body that feels so good every time, and especially when there is something on my mind. If not that, then having freshly painted nails and listening to my current playlist are two things that boost my mood. I always have to have music on, because I lose my mind if I'm sitting in silence!

5. This article on sober curiosity amidst a drinking culture was so thought-provoking and very reflective. As a college student (or, I suppose, now a post-college student... #crying), I always find the dynamics of drinking culture to be incredibly fascinating... like, when am I taking things too far? When should I stop, but don't? This article provided some great insight into what my mind might look like a few years down the road... aka, when do I really need that glass of wine, and when am I pouring it out of habit?

6. I found this article so relatable: Self-Isolation Has Turned Me Into My Best *And* Worst Self

7. ^ That article touched a bit on the intersection of food and stress during this time, and I think that is so important not to ignore. Staying at home and feeling stressed out can be so triggering when it comes to snacking and food. This article is a great reminder that it's completely OKAY if you're not eating the healthiest of your life right now, or you don't feel like working out. You have enough to worry about, don't let this add to it!

8. Here’s what you need to know about the Coronavirus Stimulus Checks-- including if you'll get one!

9. I've been listening to podcasts a lot more lately because it makes me feel less lonely! I am excited to check out some of these, all of which have daily episodes so there's plenty of content for every new day in quarantine!!

10. I love ending things with a playlist, as you know! It just sets the mood and helps me connect with myself... if that even makes sense. This playlist is what I currently have on repeat! How about you?

As always, I hope you are hanging in there and staying healthy! 
Please never hesitate to reach out to me via email, DM, or in the comments. I am always available and willing to chat with each and every one of you. I love connecting with you and getting to know you more, and I think a little interaction can go an extra-long way right now!

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