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Four IG Accounts Inspiring Me Right Now

photo via Sakara

With everything going on right now, I've been trying to distract myself as much as possible and focus on the things and people who give me good, positive vibes only. I've done some Instagram purging lately and have been completely inspired by the following four women! I am very excited to share this little round-up today because everyone on this list is just brightening my quarantine with their content so much! If you enjoy this post, let me know, as I would love to share more inspiring people!!

Athena Calderone // I was watching random home tours on YouTube (as I often do) a few days ago with Elizabeth when we stumbled upon Athena Calderone's Brooklyn Brownstone tour. Not only did I fall in love with her gorgeous home, but I was really intrigued by her aesthetic and needed to know more about her! She runs the food, home, and design website, Eye Swoon. It turns out she was a guest on one of my favorite podcasts, Ageless with Cynthia Rowley and Kit Keenan, back in September, so I listened to that episode on a walk the other day, and now I am officially obsessed with her. I think I need her "Live Beautiful" book, and her new cookbook!

Grace-Caroline Larcade // I discovered Signed GC on Instagram probably a month or two ago, and I absolutely love her account. She's a year older than me and has great style. She moved to NYC after graduating college last year and she's just absolutely so chic and cute. I love, love her style and photography.

Andi Dorfman // You guys probably know who Andi is! She actually got her start on The Bachelor in 2014! I think her season as the Bachelorette was the very first time I ever watched the show, and I remember thinking she was so pretty, level headed, and just liked her vibes a lot! I kind of forgot about her until I was training for my half-marathon in the fall and her photos started popping up on my explore page. She is now a huge influencer for running, which I just love! Her IG is so positive, uplifting, and motivating. She's just so cute and gives off great vibes.

Grace Atwood // I talk about Grace's blog on here all the time, mostly when referencing books, as her blog is my favorite place for book recs. However, her Instagram is also a complete gold mine. She has been posting these hilarious IGTV videos during quarantine and they're absolutely brilliant. This one is my favorite... it's too good. You should probably go watch it if you like a great laugh.

Who is inspiring you right now?


  1. I discovered Grace Atwood a few months back when Carly the Prepster was on her podcast and she is absolutely hilarious! Her cat is also so adorable...haha. Gonna check out the rest of these accounts, thanks for sharing.



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