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7 Podcasts I Love

One of my favorite quarantine hacks has been listening to podcasts. Why? Hearing other peoples' voices does wonders to make me feel less alone while social distancing, and there are some podcasts that I would even go so far as to say it almost feels like I'm hanging out with friends when I listen! The added bonus of feeling like I'm educating myself or learning something new (even if it's just another person's view or opinion), makes me feel inspired, motivated, and enlightened!

I've been listening to a variety of podcasts lately, while cooking, walking, and relaxing. These are my favorites:

The Morning Toast
I watch this on YouTube every morning while drinking my coffee and having breakfast, but you can also just listen to the audio if you prefer. If you don't know who Claudia and Jackie Oshry are, where have you been!?!? They are the funniest sisters ever, and The Morning Toast is their "millennial morning show" where they hash out pop culture news every weekday morning. It is beyond entertaining and I want to be their best friend. Last week one morning they were talking about Blac Chyna FaceTiming her fans for money, and I laughed out loud so hard I spit my coffee everywhere.

Bad on Paper
You guys know I am obsessed with Grace Atwood and her book recommendations, so of course, I love her podcast with her friend Becca! They have a book club series on the podcast, but I've never actually listened to any of those episodes. I enjoy the random ones where they're just chatting... like the FMK game they played in this episode, and their favorite quarantine distractions they shared in this episode. They also do some cool interviews with very cool people! 

Gals on the Go
Brooke and Danielle are two of my favorite YouTubers and have been forever, so I kind of feel like I'm their best friend and this is how I keep up with their lives... lol. They're basically just two very relatable girls (Brooke is a year out of college and Danielle is a junior in college) who are funny, entertaining, and great at dishing out advice like any BFF would. Highly recommend if you need a good ~girl talk~ kind of vibe! It's always very positive and entertaining... I've actually caught myself laughing out loud at times.

Second Life
If you ever want a little motivation from incredibly inspiring women who have built amazing careers for themselves, this is the podcast for you! Hillary Kerr, co-founder of Who What Wear, interviews someone new and fabulous in each episode and they discuss how she got to where she is today. It is so inspiring!

I occasionally love a wellness-focused podcast. Mimi Bouchard is absolutely gorgeous and so cute, and her podcast is all about how to be your best self, both mentally and physically! I know a lot of people love The Skinny Confidential, but for some reason, it just annoys me (I find it to be a little pushy and overbearing). Mimi's approach to wellness and her mindset is more my speed. 

U Up?
Jared Fried is a pretty well-known comedian (who I love following on Instagram), and he co-hosts this modern dating podcast with Betches co-founder, Jordana Abraham. Not only is it really funny, but it's so interesting to hear their different opinions and advice on everything you could imagine when it comes to dating.

Tiny Desk Concerts
So.. I don't know if this is technically a podcast? You can watch the concerts here, listen to the entire show audio here, and the individual songs here. Whenever I get into a little music rut, I love finding an artist who's done a Tiny Desk Concert, and listening to their tiny show! There is something so calming about live music. A few of my favorite episodes are these: Brittany HowardDaniel Caesar, and Mac Miller.

Do you have a favorite podcast?! I am always looking to discover more!


  1. I loved this! Always looking for GOOD podcasts. Could you make one about youtubers? I have been watching Brooke and Danielle forever also, but I am looking for some new good ones! Any recs?

    1. oh yes great idea!!! two of my other fave YouTubers (besides Brooke and Danielle) are Margot Lee and Emma Leger!



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