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July Wishlist + Recent Purchases

A few things that have been on my wishlist for the last couple of weeks...

I Need Your Help! San Francisco + Napa

image via Gal Meets Glam

I'm so excited to head to San Francisco and Napa Valley / Sonoma for my 21st birthday in August with my mom. We've been planning on a trip to Napa for my 21st for years now, and I can't believe that year is finally here! The last time my mom and I went on a trip just the two of us was in 2016 to New Orleans for my senior year spring break. It was seriously one of the most fun trips, and New Orleans could not have been a more perfect city for my mom and I to visit. I can't wait for this next girls trip!

This Week's Top 10: Fourth of July Sales

1. Happy Fourth of July weekend! I hope you all had a fun day yesterday!! I am taking today off work to spend time with friends and enjoy the (finally!) warm weather. I don't have any plans set in stone, but it's definitely a nice change of pace to have a few days just to relax, read, and avoid my cubicle ;)

2. THIS. Article. This is totally random but I have to share it. Wow... this is one of those articles that I didn't know I needed until I read it. You now what I mean? Like, I knew I felt this way... but didn't really know. This just really validated my life and thoughts and inner workings of my brain... READ THIS if you also constantly feel like you don't know what you look like.

3. Okay duh there are a ton of amazing sales going on right now so let's just get into them!

This Time Last Week: Chicago + Rolling Stones Concert

As crazy as it is to think we are already two months into the summer, in retrospect I've done quite a few fun things. From spending the first weekend of the summer in Chicago for Mother's Day, to heading up north with my friends for a week right after that, back to Chicago for my brother's college graduation, starting my internship and experiencing corporate life, I guess I have been busier than I thought! Last week Tuesday I went to Chicago for the third time this summer to see the Rolling Stones with my dad!!

Red, White, + Blue Favorites

The Fourth of July is.... tomorrow??? I feel like every time I write a blog post these days I'm always just like, omg what.. how is this happening.. how did this day arrive?! Life is just moving so fast! This summer... college... ah!! 

You all know how obsessed I am with blue and white (literally 95% of what I wear...) so it probably doesn't come as a surprise that getting dressed for the Fourth is pretty mindless for me. Shopping for more blue and white pieces, along with red for the holiday, is right up my alley, too.

June Playlist + New Music Releases

Helloooo and happy JULY!! What??? How has this summer gone so fast? Today marks the fifth week of my internship and the eighth week of my summer. There were so many new music releases by some of my favorite artists this month that I have to share the playlist I made for June. When am I not obsessed with my monthly playlists?! (here's my May playlist if you want to check it out!) This particular playlist is pretty easy, lowkey, but chill and almost upbeat?!