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This Time Last Week: Chicago + Rolling Stones Concert

As crazy as it is to think we are already two months into the summer, in retrospect I've done quite a few fun things. From spending the first weekend of the summer in Chicago for Mother's Day, to heading up north with my friends for a week right after that, back to Chicago for my brother's college graduation, starting my internship and experiencing corporate life, I guess I have been busier than I thought! Last week Tuesday I went to Chicago for the third time this summer to see the Rolling Stones with my dad!!

The tickets were a Christmas present and I was so surprised and excited when I found out we'd be going. Originally the concert was scheduled for last Saturday and my brother was also going to be joining my dad and I, but when Mick Jagger had heart surgery a few months ago and the whole tour got moved around, the concert moved to Tuesday. Unfortunately even though the Chicago date was only delayed slightly, last Tuesday was two days after my brother left for his post-graduation European escapade! Long story short.. it was just my dad and I in the end, and I had to take off a little bit of work, but it was amazing and so worth it.

I took a half-day of work on Tuesday and all day off on Wednesday so my dad and I could make the most of our night out in Chicago. He picked me up from work on Tuesday at noon and we went to the Milwaukee Public Market for lobster rolls!! First of the season for both of us! You guys know I'm obsessed with Newport, Rhode Island, so it's probably no surprise that my dad and I love to consume as much lobster as possible in the summer.

We were staying at my brother's apartment in Chicago for the night because he's in Europe right now, so we drove from lunch straight to his apartment in Wrigleyville to get ready. We went to the rooftop bar at the Godfrey hotel for a drink before the concert, and then we were on our way to Soldier Field!

We had such a fun time at the concert. We were sitting front row of the seats, but my dad kept trying to convince me to jump down into the pit so we could run up to the stage... haha. If you guys think I'm wild then that might explain where I get it from!! At one point I agreed to do it if he went first, but when he tried he totally got caught by the security guards and was almost kicked out. So funny.

After the concert I was far too exhausted to go out, so we grabbed a little dinner (lol literally at 11pm is that even dinner anymore?) and decided to head back and just go to bed.

On Wednesday morning we got old fashioned donuts and coffee at Stan's in Wrigleyville. I have been a longtime fan of Firecakes and actually hadn't been to Stan's in years, so I had no idea how cute it would be on the inside! SO much pink, pretty tile floors, a green tufted booth... there's a reason Stan's is considered Chicago's best!

...and then my dad totally ditched me. Just kidding... kind of. He went to lunch with some of his college buddies and left me to my own devices for a few hours, which I was totally fine with. In typical fashion, (I literally do this every single time I'm alone in a city) I couldn't really figure out what I wanted to do, so I ended up walking around for two hours until I ended up extremely thirsty and needing to sit down somewhere. I had walked to the Gold Coast and met up with my dad at my favorite lunch spot, Luxbar, where I had a salad while he just hung out with me.

We popped into a few shops before heading back to my brother's apartment to grab my stuff. I bought my train ticket for the last train out at 8:30, so we had a few hours to do something else. It was such a beautiful day that we decided to venture north of the city a bit to the Botanic Gardens!

I wasn't super excited about this idea but was so completely blown away upon arrival. The grounds were beyond gorgeous.. it was insane. We went during Golden Hour which made it all the more beautiful. The rose garden, bonsai collection, Japanese garden, endless waterfalls and gorgeous landscaping everywhere you went... it was absolutely beautiful! Such a great way to end off a quick trip.

Overall I had such a fun time, as I always do, with my dad. Can't wait to see him again in August!

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