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June Playlist + New Music Releases

Helloooo and happy JULY!! What??? How has this summer gone so fast? Today marks the fifth week of my internship and the eighth week of my summer. There were so many new music releases by some of my favorite artists this month that I have to share the playlist I made for June. When am I not obsessed with my monthly playlists?! (here's my May playlist if you want to check it out!) This particular playlist is pretty easy, lowkey, but chill and almost upbeat?!

As usual, let's review the new releases from June...

Bon Iver released two singles at the beginning of the month. He was playing at Summerfest (Milwaukee's music festival) on Saturday and super last minute my mom and I decided to go! I had been talking about the concert all week and finally on Saturday I think she just felt kind of bad for me and insisted that we go. I'm so glad she motivated me because Bon Iver seriously could not have been better... the concert was insane and so cool how they did all of their funky sound mixing stuff right there on the stage. It didn't hurt that Lord Huron was the opener too and played every single song of theirs that I know and love. Anyway, both of Bon Iver's new songs, "Hey, Ma" and "U (Man Like)" are samazing. I keep trying to decide which one I like better and I can't pick!!

Judah & The Lion released a new album (technically in May), with one song featuring Kacey Musgraves that I just discovered a few weeks ago. The song is called "Pictures" and not only is the beat great, but the lyrics are fabulous. I don't always notice the lyrics of songs, but I definitely do when they're meaningful and beautiful like this. I love Kacey... Her album last summer was fabulous and although I was surprised like everyone else, I was totally on the supporting side when she won album of the year at the Grammys.

Sure Sure also released an album in June and my favorite song is "Warm Animal." When I first heard the song I thought the band was new to me, but they actually sing a few songs I've added to previous playlists! You might recognize "This Must Be The Place" from the 2017 album.

Juke Ross is actually a new-to-me artist I discovered when Carly shared her most recent playlist and highly suggested listening to "Fresh Roses". I listened, fell in love with the singer's voice and style, and then proceeded to listen to almost every other song he's ever put out. His most recent release that came at the end of May is his new single, "Burned By The Love," and it might be my favorite...

And without further adieu, enjoy June sand dune!
(lol, I really just made up the title this time.. has nothing to do with anything)



What are your favorite songs from June?


  1. I’m so jealous that you saw Bon Iver and Lord Huron. They’re two of my favorite artists.

    1. I love them too! They were amazing :) I'm so glad I could go.



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