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Internship Outfit Ideas (Under $100)

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It's the official first day of my internship!!! Woooo!! I can't wait to see what this summer has in store for me and keep you all updated on how my internship goes. This was a very popular post last summer, so here we are again with another round of internship outfit ideas! Really anyone working in a business casual setting could benefit from this little round-up of work appropriate attire; I know I am always looking for ways to update my "work wardrobe." Especially since this is my third internship, I have grown tired of the clothes I've been wearing for the last two summers and in need of a few new pieces. Not to mention, this summer I will be surrounded by over 100 other interns and working for a retail company, so I definitely want to step up my game!

Same as last year, everything here is under $100! I find spending a lot of money on internship/work clothes to be so annoying, because as much as I do want to look presentable and professional, it's simply not necessary! There are so many cute, professional, and appropriate pieces at a great price point. Not to mention, as students (or young professionals), no one above us even expects us to be wearing some fabulous designer suit or something. As long as we look the part, we are golden.

First of all: one of my all-time favorite things to wear to a summer internship is linen drawstring pants (this pair comes in 5 different colors and is way under $50 right now!). Of course linen pants are incredibly breathable, but they also look really nice and are so comfortable with a drawstring waist. I have a white pair, navy pair, and khaki (I think?) and have worn them so many times to both of my past internships. Even my internship last summer was a little stricter on the dress code and they were totally fine!

Second, I have had my Mark and Graham leather tote for almost five years now. I got it for my 16th birthday and it's on it's last leg (in my Instagram post I admittedly blurred out some of the scratches in the leather). In fairness, I've used this tote almost daily since I got it! They have since discontinued the style I have, but I can't recommend their totes enough... such high quality and at a great price point! This current style featured above is vegan and under $100. It also comes in 8 colors!

What are your internship essentials?!


  1. I started my internship two weeks ago and I have had such a hard time finding professional workwear! Thanks for the rec's :)


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