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May Playlist: WTF Do People Do In May?

HI! Wow, yesterday's blog post was kind of a lot. Today I want to lighten the mood and share my May Playlist as this month comes to a close. Last month I shared my April playlist and enjoyed giving you all a glimpse into my music taste. I am quite a melophile (lol, I googled this term-- melo means music and phile is a suffix for fanatic/enthusiast); constantly discovering new music and developing playlists, so I want to continue to share them here!

I don't know if anyone else does this, but I name my playlists weird things. For example, last summer I made a playlist with a bunch of songs my brother introduced me to and called it "lock up the frame" because we were both super into going on long bike rides together at the time. You're always supposed to lock up the frame when you lock your bike instead of just the tire, so somehow that one got titled "lock up the frame"... I also have a playlist called "butter" because I just think it's full of super smooth songs. So.. not too intuitive, I'm just kinda rolling with it.

My may playlist has been adventitiously titled (I used a thesaurus to discover this word... I kind of love it though?): "WTF Do People Do In May?"

This title was truly intended to be a thought provoking question, as I am still unsure about what people do during the month of May. What a month of limbo! It's not quite summer weather, being chillier than expected and raining far more than it did during April, at least here in Wisconsin. Finishing up with school and finals followed by nothing on my calendar the last couple of weeks pre-job also made for a very interesting time of the year. Definitely fun though with a week up north with friends!

Anyway, onto the music!

Two new albums worth a special mention:

-- Cage the Elephant's new album, Social Cues was released mid-April, but I didn't discover it until the beginning of this month. I was a big fan of the band in high school and admittedly forgot about them until this album. It's fantastic all the way through! My faves from the album are included in this playlist (Social Cues and What I'm Becoming are my top two!).

-- Another very exciting album release at the beginning of this month: Vampire Weekend's Father of the Bride. This was VW's first release in six years and well worth the wait. A few of the songs were pre-released earlier this year and I loved them, so I knew this would be a big hit once the entire album came out. I absolutely love Vampire Weekend's music during the summer months, so the timing of this was perfect. 

Enjoy! As always, sharing the playlist on both Spotify and Apple Music below:

What was your favorite song this month?

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