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The Pink Coat EVERYONE Needs

I usually do "This Week's Top 10" on Fridays, but because I haven't posted in a week I wanted to share a more "exciting" post today as we head into Christmas weekend! How did that happen?! Just a week ago I was freaking out about finals and now I'm freaking out about how I'm going to pack for Dallas, head to my best friend's birthday party tonight, shop for last-minute gifts, and make it to the airport all before 9 AM tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'm just gonna frolic around town in my new favorite pink coat because I can, and because my "stressful" concerns this weekend are such a weight off from last weekend's of dealing with finals. Ah, don't you just love the holidays?!

That's also another reason I wanted to share this post today: the pink coat! I shot outfits with Caroline yesterday and took some photos in this new coat I purchased last week. I've been sharing it on Instagram on both stories and in this photo yesterday and got so many questions about where it's from. You can shop it here! I usually try not to purchase anything for myself throughout December because I'm always spending so much money on other people's gifts, but it was like 50% off at some point this month and I couldn't say no... oops.

I actually didn't realize just how oversized it was until I took these photos, and I really wish I would have either gotten a smaller size (or two!) or at least styled it differently. I feel like I always look 10/10 in my mirror and as soon as I look at the photos on the camera I'm just like, "uhhh... how did that happen!?" For reference, I got a size 6 and figured it would be perfect with a sweater underneath, but it's honestly just huge! Whatever though, it's still cute and crazy cozy. I wore it with just a t-shirt under to an exam the other day and I was sweating by the time I arrived. In Wisconsin! What! That's when you know it's a keeper.

Today I am heading to brunch with friends, running some last minute errands, packing for Dallas, and heading to my best friend's birthday party tonight as mentioned. I'm so excited to see a ton of my high school friends before heading out of town for a few days for Christmas. I couldn't be more excited though for some warmer temps (like 50s-60s in Dallas!) and to spend the holidays with my dad.

here's the photo I shared on Instagram... I love my little babe!

my look: jacket // striped turtleneck // jeans // watch // velvet mules

What are you doing this weekend?! Any fun last-minute plans?


  1. Sounds like I need that coat for Michigan winters! Your whole outfit is so cute too, especially those velvet mules!
    xo, Scarlett

  2. I've been loving this teddy bear coat trend. Teddy bear coats are so soft. I'd love to receive one for the holidays.


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