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Our Christmas Decorations

Reporting live from Dallas! I wanted to pop in and share some of my favorite holiday decorations around my house at home to inspire myself as I help my dad decorate here in Texas before Christmas tomorrow. My mom truly did a beautiful job of decorating (as she always does) and I just needed to share the festivity with you all!

One of my favorite pieces that we used to decorate is this jewelry cage that PB Teen gifted me. It's from their Harry Potter collection, and even though it is technically for jewelry I love how it looks in our dining room with ornaments for the holidays. Their entire Harry Potter collection is incredible. I actually haven't read any of the books, but I always thought the movies were just so well done and the creativity behind the series is unparalleled! I love this bedding, these glittery letters, and this rug from the collection too.

My mom has so many photos of my brother and I framed around our house, and a special collection that are just out during the holidays. I love the velvet frames and the photo of me without my front teeth (not picture, unfortunately) that make their appearance this time of year. I have the loveliest memories from Christmastime when I was little and it's so cute to see pops of those around our house this time of year.

I am obsessed with our Christmas china. It's so beautiful. I love the red, the bows, and the classic design. I have never seen anyone else with Christmas china that I love as much, and it's definitely one of my mom's possessions that I most want to inherit!

Merry Christmas Eve!

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