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Red Hot Chili Peppers Weekend Recap

This weekend was so incredibly fun. Besides being perfect weather, I got to escape from Bethlehem for a few days with one of my best college friends! She is from Long Island, so I got to explore a different part of Long Island than I'm familiar with, and then we saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers on Saturday night!!!! The concert was incredibly. Seriously, it was insane. I can't even describe it! They're so cool in real life and they played every single classic/famous/old song of theirs, which was really fun to hear because I wasn't expecting that. 

A few photos...

We took an early afternoon bus out from school straight into the city on Friday just in time for an early dinner before continuing on the train to Long Island. We stopped for pasta at Il Punto in the Garment District and it was delicious!

When we got to Long Island we dropped off our backs and hopped in my friend's car to head to the mall and do a little last-minute concert-outfit shopping. I couldn't help but swoon over the bridal section of Nordstrom... typical.

We ended up getting back to her house, watching movies, falling asleep on the couch, and not rallying until noon on Saturday!

Buuuut, Saturday was the. best. day. We got New York bagels and iced coffees, drove around her town (it's a beach town, so it was gorgeous) and blasted music as I got to explore. One of her best friends from high school was also home for the weekend for the concert, so she tagged along too, which was so fun.

Her beach.... so cute.

Tomato + mozz + balsamic on a croissant = my weakness.

After a few more relaxing hours, we ventured back into the city for the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS!!!

Unreal. So unreal. Words can't even describe. 
I think I am going to work on making a master video of the videos I took at the concert to commemorate the night... If I do (which let's be real, I'll probably never get around to it), I will be sure to share it here!

A little Sunday morning brunchin' to follow... We went to this cool spot in Astoria called "create" where I had a quinoa bowl with egg whites, avocado, black beans, and chipotle, and then a delicious smoothie on the side! The smoothie sounded kind of intriguing so I had to order it... I think it was avocado, banana, pineapple and almond milk! Pretty simple, but I was fascinated about avocado in a smoothie. I would definitely recommend! So refreshing with the pineapple and super creamy.

After, we did a little bit of exploring in Astoria Park, which was also new to me. Her cousin lives in Astoria and came to the concert with us, so we stayed with her Saturday night which was both fun and super convenient. The weather was perfect so we walked around the park a bit before rushing back to school in time to finish all our homework.

Overall, it was a short, quick, and eventful weekend, but so, so fun. I can't believe I got to see the chili peppers in real life too!!

How was your weekend?

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