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This Week's Top 10

1. I'M SEEING THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS TOMORROW!!! I am so excited, you have no idea. This is going to be legendary.

2. Another exciting note of the week: Julia shared the gender of her baby! So excited for her.

3. My roommate and I decided we want to start making nachos and quesadillas in our room, lol. Here are other 23 other random meals you can make in your dorm microwave.

5. I think I need these pants for Miami.

6. I am in love with this living room by Studio McGee.

7. Thank you to everyone for your kind feedback on my more personal post this week. You're all the best!

8. Exactly three weeks until break, and two weeks as of yesterday until Jack gets here! Next weekend is red dress and this weekend will be spent in New York, so we definitely have a few things to look forward to my friends ;)

9. Speaking of break, the first half of mine will be spent in Miami, and the second half in Vermont. I've never been to Vermont before, but I know it'll be beautiful and the skiing will be great. 

What's on your agenda for this weekend?


  1. I love the striped swimsuit.

  2. Where are you going in Vermont?? I'm up at Middlebury College!


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