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Easy Fall Outfit Combos

Yesterday at Lehigh we had Open Houses for all of the panhellenic sororities here on campus. This basically means any of the freshman girls interested in Greek Life and rushing a sorority next semester came out and we were split into groups where we visited each of the nine sorority chapters. The day was pretty long and really tiring talking to three girls one-on-one for twenty minutes at each house without breaks, but it was fun to get a chance to see each house and the vibe of the girls inside. I definitely have a good idea of which house I want to rush and I am excited for the whole process in January... I think rush will be a great way for me to start to feel more at home here at Lehigh!

With events like these comes a little stress of what to wear, but I am definitely more comfortable creating outfits in the fall than during any other season because so many of my clothes are neutral and easy to layer and mix and match. I wore my favorite boots, black pants, and my Barbour with a light sweater since it's finally starting to get chilly out. However, I noticed a really cute trend on campus is moto pants paired with booties and a cute sweater or poncho! I created a few combinations of that look below. I am really into the moto pants look and I'm dying to add a cute poncho and a new pair of booties to my wardrobe.

*the widget is shop-able so you should be able to click the products directly for the link!

What do you think of this easy outfit combination for fall?


  1. if you're looking into booties i definitely recommend rag & bone- i just got the margot and they're the perfect height!

  2. that widget is awesome! love that it shows the brand/price right over the +

  3. I love these outfit combinations they are so fall!
    Kelsey |


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