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East Coastin'

I have a jam packed full summer this time around, and I couldn't be more excited. Something I rarely talk about on here is my personal life, in detail. I've done a few lifestyle posts, but I keep them pretty general for the most part. A big part of my life is kept to myself which I think creates a nice barrier between my personal life and my online life. However, today I wanted to share something exciting!

My dad works in Rhode Island, so we have a beach house in Newport. We only got it very recently, but I am super excited to spend a week there with a few of my best friends this summer. In July I am heading to the Smart Girls Summit in NYC with Caroline, and then I'm off to Rhode Island for a week, and then Boston for a few days! I'm thrilled to spend more time on the East Coast. I've spent a portion of my summers there my whole life, and I absolutely love it. Because of all these trips, I'll be gone for almost three weeks! I think this a good practice vacay to prepare me for my month abroad touring Europe next summer with my cousins! I'm too excited.

However, with each vacation brings a new wardrobe, or a little bit of a new wardrobe ;) To say I'm struggling with what to wear is quite the understatement. I've attempted to plan outfits for NYC but I can't seem to get past one or two outfits without running out of ideas of what to wear.

What does your summer look like?

Hello, Summer!

Aaaand, today is officially summer for me! That's right, at 10:45 I'll be done with exams and welcoming summer with a warm ;) embrace. I'm headed to graduation tonight for the seniors which should be a fun, yet bittersweet experience. Honestly, all I really care about is the exams behind me and the sunshine ahead! I have some fun things planned for this summer and I can't wait to share!

I ordered a few things from J. Crew Factory yesterday, including a cute new bikini! Shop some faves below...


Peplum, Please

top // shoes (similar here and here) // rope bracelet c/o // ring

I bought this top over spring break for a major steal at Gap and I've been obsessed ever since. It's one of the most comfortable tee's in my closet and I love how the bright color and peplum hem make it all the more fun. Dress it up or down and it's sure to be a winner.


Inspiration Board

With exams quickly approaching (I can't believe another year is almost over!!), I've been trying to get my desk organized for studying. It's so much easier to study not only when everything is organized, but also when everything is in it's place and looking cute. I redid my bulletin board a while ago but never shared it. I really like the mix of random finds and pictures I picked; I think it's a good commulation of my style all splashed together, n'est pas?

Do you have a bulletin board? Also, how often do you update yours? I feel like I should make it a continuous project; opinions?!

Happy Weekend!

Recipe: Red Pepper Pasta

Eeep! I am sincerely so sorry I did not post yesterday. My weekend was nothing short of hectic, but I promise I am still trying my hardest to stay on my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday routine. However, to make up for yesterday's absence, today I am trying out something fun and new and sharing a recipe on the blog!

Over the weekend, specifically Saturday, I was super busy but still needed a full meal rather than choosing to snack all evening. In the mood for pasta and trying to be healthy, the Italian in me couldn't resist noodles and red sauce, but I added a fun twist by picking corkscrew noodles and sauteing some red peppers. Good choice by me, kids.

What you'll need...

Corkscrew pasta
Tomato Sauce
Asiago cheese
Red peppers

How to make it...

Boil water and cook pasta to taste
While pasta is cooking, slice red peppers and saute in a little pan with olive oil
When peppers are a little brown and crispy, add to a small pot and heat on low with tomato sauce until pasta is done cooking
Mix the pasta with your sauce and peppers
Add asiago cheese to taste

Personally, I believe it's best served with a cold San Pelligrino by it's side :)

Have you made anything healthy, easy, and delicious recently? Please share! I love hearing new ideas!


Remember this post about my silver shoes? I finally styled mine, going simple and chic with skinnies and a loose tee. Of course, living in Wisconsin, I would've frozen without a sweater!

sweater (old) // tee // heels (similar)

Shop the post + similar here:



With a few trips this summer on the horizon, I've been attempting to compile a list of some things that I want to add to my wardrobe, and ultimately, my suitcase! One thing I noticed is that a lot of my go-to picks are flowy tops, dresses, and skirts. Something about loose clothing gives off such a chic vibe while being super comfortable. Shop my picks below...

(My favorite is that ASOS denim dress! + it's on sale... should I get it?)

Also, here's the style I'm going for..

These shoes are wayyy out of my comfort zone, but I love how effortless this look is.

How do you feel about this look? Yay or Nay? Leave a comment and let me know!


There's no denying that online magazines are becoming popular. From Smart Girls Group (represent!) to Matchbook Mag, and everywhere inbetween, the web has taken over snail mail and now magazines too. This month I was lucky enough to have gotten involved with a new online magazine called Undeniable. Anna emailed me and invited me to join, and I was really excited for such an opportunity!

It's only the first issue, but I'm undeniably sure that this little thing is going places.

I wrote both the playlist and the spring trends, so stay tuned for issue number 2 to see more of me then!

Also, if you want to shop my spring trends picks you can do so below:


The Blonde Prep

I started my blog in eighth grade, meaning that I've come a long way in three years, and I've evolved a little in more ways than one. However, one significant and noticeable change that you can see just here on my blog is that my style seems to fluctuate with each outfit post. I like experimenting with what I wear and I like developing my style as I go along. Sometimes I might not always comply with "The Blonde Prep", but today I am wearing a few of the classics, my all time favorites, to find the roots that my little corner of the web has grown upon.

dress: j. crew (old) // trench: h&m (old) // pearls: mostly vintage // flats: tory burch