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Inspiration Board

With exams quickly approaching (I can't believe another year is almost over!!), I've been trying to get my desk organized for studying. It's so much easier to study not only when everything is organized, but also when everything is in it's place and looking cute. I redid my bulletin board a while ago but never shared it. I really like the mix of random finds and pictures I picked; I think it's a good commulation of my style all splashed together, n'est pas?

Do you have a bulletin board? Also, how often do you update yours? I feel like I should make it a continuous project; opinions?!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Love these pictures! I have two different bulletin boards in my dorm room that I sadly have to take apart in a few days! I will definitely be recreating them at home though. I love having inspiration around me in the form of magazine clippings, quotes, and pictures of friends!


  2. Love love it! :) At home and school, I have two huge bulletin boards and try to update them seasonally and little by little— whenever I see new magazines come around I'm always ripping and tearing pages out! But I'll be honest, some of the pictures on my boards are 3 years old! My motto is, as long as you still love it, keep it! Or even better, keep adding and layering clip outs on top of older tear outs—I love when I find old pictures from Spring 2011 underneath my current Spring 2014 trends.
    I really like your style—your boards look great!
    I would actually put some of your Instagrams/blog posts up on my inspo boards! You definitely have an eye for style and I 100% appreciate and admire that—I truly enjoy scrolling through your pictures and posts to awaken my creativity!


  3. cute bulletin board! Love your little drawing. I've started inspiration boards before, but never finished them. I think it's partly due to my debilitating perfectionism (this is why I never finish 99% of art projects) and partly because my mood/style is constantly changing. One day I love the New England/preppy look, the next I'm into the California/boho look. The struggle is real

    xx Ani ||


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