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Recipe: Red Pepper Pasta

Eeep! I am sincerely so sorry I did not post yesterday. My weekend was nothing short of hectic, but I promise I am still trying my hardest to stay on my Monday, Wednesday, and Friday routine. However, to make up for yesterday's absence, today I am trying out something fun and new and sharing a recipe on the blog!

Over the weekend, specifically Saturday, I was super busy but still needed a full meal rather than choosing to snack all evening. In the mood for pasta and trying to be healthy, the Italian in me couldn't resist noodles and red sauce, but I added a fun twist by picking corkscrew noodles and sauteing some red peppers. Good choice by me, kids.

What you'll need...

Corkscrew pasta
Tomato Sauce
Asiago cheese
Red peppers

How to make it...

Boil water and cook pasta to taste
While pasta is cooking, slice red peppers and saute in a little pan with olive oil
When peppers are a little brown and crispy, add to a small pot and heat on low with tomato sauce until pasta is done cooking
Mix the pasta with your sauce and peppers
Add asiago cheese to taste

Personally, I believe it's best served with a cold San Pelligrino by it's side :)

Have you made anything healthy, easy, and delicious recently? Please share! I love hearing new ideas!


  1. Yummm! Fran we need to have a cooking party (jk we live on opposite sides of the country :))

  2. This looks beyond delicious! And San Pellegrino is next on my must try list ;)

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