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Hello, Summer!

Aaaand, today is officially summer for me! That's right, at 10:45 I'll be done with exams and welcoming summer with a warm ;) embrace. I'm headed to graduation tonight for the seniors which should be a fun, yet bittersweet experience. Honestly, all I really care about is the exams behind me and the sunshine ahead! I have some fun things planned for this summer and I can't wait to share!

I ordered a few things from J. Crew Factory yesterday, including a cute new bikini! Shop some faves below...



  1. Such cute bikinis! Congrats on being done with school! You finish so much earlier than I did in High School. I would have been incredibly jealous of you!


  2. Love the swim suits! Happy summer, I'm jealous that you're already done! My university isn't out for another couple of weeks!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

  3. Love the bikinis! Can't wait to see what you bought :)



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