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Chrome Designs

Everyone probably already knows about this, but I just discovered something super cool on Friday, and honestly, I just had to share it!!!

If you are a Google Chrome user like me, prepare yourself....

YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE THE DESIGN! Here is a little tutorial...

On the right of the browser, click the icon with the little three lines and then click settings

Find where it says "get themes" and click on that

I currently have the first one, which is Prada. My other favorites are the Kate Spade and Lillly Pulitzer. (For Prada and Kate Spade, they are on the page when you click. Kate Spade is right there but you have to scroll down for Prada. For Lilly, you have to search Lilly Pulitzer.)

Did you already know about this?

Happy Birthday eJm!

Today is eJm's 15th birthday! This girl is probably the prettiest person I know and she seriously has the best style! Not to mention, she's basically a professional skier (Junior Olympics!) and I love her dog.

Happy birthday, girl!! Lovee youu!


Sunday Swoon

I've been wanting a mini pink Longchamp for a few weeks now and I can't stop thinking about it. I have a medium orange Longchamp, but the small pink would be so cute for spring and summer! (For some reason, the new colors came out and they didn't include the pink shown below or the orange I have now.. what fools)

Sunday Swoon

Maybe I will just have to make the purchase...

Life Lately

Happy Saturday, y'all! I think the weather really succumbed to my post last week because the weather has been gorgeous these past few days.

Last night I hung out with some friends and I had a ball. I'm very awkward around boys, especially one's whom I don't know well, but I have to say that some of the kids I met last night were very sweet! A few pictures...

lJm and I... Obsessed with this picture.

The girls! (I'm not going to share the entire group picture because I look really bad in it... haha)

Also, J. Crew has been having 25% off this week, so I decided to take advantage of that and pick up the Downtown Field Jacket in navy. Cross that off my list! (Yes, I am wearing it in those pictures!)

Also, from Trader Joe's, I have been munching on Dunkers. These are seriously the best things in the world. We buy them rarely because they are so addicting, and I'm ecstatic to have them in the house right now. Although a trip to the gym might be necessary... I had four this morning HAHA

Lastly, with Mother's Day in two weeks I have been trying hopelessly to decide on a gift for my mom. She just bought this Coach wallet to aide to her obsession with poppy red, but it was too red and not poppy enough, so I'm thinking about getting her this TB wallet instead...

What's new with y'all?

Pop of Pink


Don't those hues just make you happy?!

Happy Friday!

Too Much.

I asked about including lifestyle posts a while ago and most of you seemed interested so here we go...

Until spring break, I never realized how much texting I do. I seriously am on my phone 24/7. Whether I'm Instragramming, Pinning, or just taking a picture, my phone never seems to leave my hand. But there is one thing that I seem to do a little too often: text.

I am in 34 group messages and 55 single-person conversations (yes I counted hahaha). There have been times (that are not so few and far between...) that I put my phone down for 10 minutes and then have 250 unread messages (I blame my group chat with eJm, mWs, JPS, and eRj).

I honestly don't even like to text, because people always text me at the worst times, I actually have a life (ha, well sort of), and I find it super annoying when people walk around texting and there head is down all the time, they are moving super slow, etc.

This is going to sound really mean... But I honestly hate it when people text me and they have nothing to talk to me about. I would rather get no texts than get 1,000 texts saying "hi". I only text about three boys (more on my boy phobia another time...) and I rarely ever reply because all they say to me is "heyy". It's like, seriously, I don't want to talk to you, stop talking to me.

I am going to try to limit my phone use from here on out. (I bet if I could see how many texts/iMessages I sent/received it would be scary... I'm thinking around 25,000?) I am so addicted to my phone I have to have my mom repeat herself at least three times almost every time we talk and so much more. I just can't control it!!! I have given my phone to my parents for the past couple of days while I do my homework because I find that it's the only way to help my problem.

Do you have this problem too? Please let me know your tips for trying to not be addicted to your phone!!

PS- Fun Fact: Did you know that the way a drug addict's brain functions when sitting on the other side of a room from drugs is the same way that the average teenager's brain functions when sitting on the other side of a room from their cell phone? I know. Scary.

Sperry Loves

Today is the last day to get 25% off your order at with code STSEVENT. I'm trying to convince my mom that I need another pair (although I already have three pairs... ha) but I'm not so sure that is going to work.

Anywho, here are the pairs that I am currently coveting...

Ahh they are all so pretty! Which would you choose? I think I like the woven best, but I don't know!!

(Haha, can you tell I like pink?)

Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Ashley Frederick, the winner of the Lilly Pulitzer Monogrammed Pillow giveaway!

Thank you to all of you who entered, there were over 400 entries!!! 

Congratulations, again, Ashley! I have emailed you personally for you to claim your prize!

My Uniform

No, I am not talking about my school uniform, I am talking about that one outfit that I keep finding myself putting together and pulling on every time that I get the chance.

my uniform

I love this outfit because it is so crisp looking and so easy to throw on. I mean, what's better than looking fab  when it doesn't require any effort? Nothing.

Trench | I picked up my trench coat for about $30 at Forever 21 in a size large. Wow, there are so many things wrong with that sentence... But I honestly can go on and on about how great it is. It's the perfect color (not to light and not too dark) and it's a medium length, a little shorter than the one above. I find a trench to be the perfect coat for spring, since it's cute and functional, but can also protect from those April showers and wind episodes!
Button-Down | Ok, who here is not addicted to oxfords and button-downs? I may or may not have 14 of them... I typically find myself re-wearing my white one (although I am desperate for a new one!) and lavender one though, because white is classic and lavender is oh-so springy!
Jeans | Cuffed, skinny, dark wash, hello perfect pants! Although jeans are a bit casual, they really are so comfy and they do keep up with the rest of the polished outfit if they are dark enough.
Sperry's | I love my navy Sperry's. I wear them almost every day to school and at least once on the weekends as well. They are so comfortable and so versatile, and they really do fit for a plethora of occasions.
Stack | No outfit shall be complete without a little arm party! I have grown my jewelry collection a LOT in the past few weeks and I have found myself to keep returning to my Yurman knock-off and my J. Crew neon pink bangle. Of course I don't forget my classic silver watch!
Twirl | Although not featured, I having been wearing my Kate Spade Twirl perfume a lot lately. It smells divine and is truly a scent made for spring. (Not to mention, I picked up my bottle for only $15 at TJ Maxx!)

I also typically add my Clinique Chubby Stick (mighty mimosa is the way to go, people. It is a perfect color!) and Coach navy sequined wristlet to "my uniform" as well. 

What does your "uniform" consist of?

Sunday Swoon

I'm thinking about investing in another pair of Jack's... My silver pair is getting really gross and I would love to add another pair to my "collection" (ha.. ha...)

Sunday Swoon

What color Jack's do you have/are lusting over?

Happy Sunday!

PS - It's the last day to enter my giveaway!

{ nails lately }

Happy weekend, friends! I have had a great weekend thus far (slumber party with 4 close friends!) and am excited to be heading to another friend's house tonight for a party! I just painted my nails so I decided to share ;)

Essie :: Haute as Hello (very similar to Tart Deco!)

Essie :: Bikini So Teeny (worn all of last week!)

My new display :)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! What are you going to do today? Hopefully I will hit Target or TJ's today!

Fashion Friday :: April Showers

The rain will not stop. Seriously, the weather is horrible. (We've even almost had SNOW.... in APRIL!) I love rainy days, but cold rainy days are not exactly my thing.

Rainy Day

Can it please warm up outside?!

Happy Friday!

Dream House

In art class we are doing a project where you have to create and design the exterior of your dream house. I'm kind of obsessed with that type of thing, so today I will share a few pictures/inspirations for my future home :)

Tada! I am so obsessed. What do you think?

A little side door!

The backyard!

What will your future house look like?

Monogrammed Lilly Pulitzer Pillow Giveaway!

Hello chicas! As sad as I am to be headed back to school today, I am very excited to be hosting another giveaway!

I was sent a beautiful monogrammed pillow from Irene from My Pink and Green Garden on Etsy. The best part? It's monogrammed in Lilly fabric!!

Ain't it presh?! I chose the "State Of Mind" patch, and I love how it turned out! Irene made the A in the Wisconsin print! Oh, and I can't neglect to mention that those pom-poms on the sides are simply so cute!

Irene makes a ton of cute pillows, not just monogrammed ones. But, yes, they are all Lilly!

One of her items that is not a pillow is the Sailboat. I am telling you, it's precious. I would love to sport one in my future home :)


Want to win a monogrammed pillow of your own? Enter using the Rafflecopter below! The giveaway ends in one week!!

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to all!

Sunday Swoon

My new series, Sunday Swoon, will feature a product/picture/person/outfit/etc. that I simply have not been able to take my mind off all week. This week I'm swooning over...

J Crew jacket

I am obsessed with this jacket. I'm in need of a new spring outer-layer, and this babe is beyond perfect for the job. The navy would match everything in my closet and those buttons... Oh, those buttons! 

Now I just need to convince my mom... or possibly dad, he's easier to win over ;)

What are you swooning over?

PS- If you were to purchase the jacket, would you go with green or navy?

Madewell & Johnnie B

Two brands that I really like are Madewell and Johnnie B. Unfortunately for myself, I don't check out the new merchandise in these two brands often, and I really am missing out.

In Florida, I popped in the Madewell store and realized just what I had been missing. I think of it like a J. Crew but a little trendier... On Monday, I found a Johnnnie B catalog in my mail and fell in love with a few things similar to what I fell in love with at Madewell! I think of Johnnie B like a GAP but a little better...

Madewell ($160) // Johnnie B ($60)
I'm loving the bright citron color of these dresses! So fun for spring with a nude leather sandal!

Madewell ($120) // Johnnie B ($55)
Like I said yesterday, I'm loving jean jackets! I saw the Madewell one in the store... It's perfection.

I kind of feel like a hipster now... What do you think?

Sale Alerts!

Happy Friday once again! I barely managed to pull out of my driveway this morning when I discovered school was cancelled! The weather has been horrendous this week and I think my school may have flooded or something... uh-oh!

Anywho... There are quite a few really great sales going on, and I just wanted to do a little round-up for all of my deal-lovin' friends out there!

First is the Kate Spade Friends & Family Sale! 25% off your entire purchase!! (use code S13FFUS)
These Sea Glass Turtle earrings are so cute and only $22 after the discount!

Also, the Bloomy's sale is 20-30% off almost everything!

J. Crew is having 25% off shorts, tees, and all swimsuits! (use code SUNNYDAYS)
I would love to snag this bikini top for only $36 after the discount!

C. Wonder is having a sale, as well! Take an extra 30% off already on-sale items! (use code CITRUS)

What deals are you loving?

Fashion Friday

I honestly don't know what I was thinking when I made this outfit, but I just love it. To me it's the perfect combination of preppy and trendy. I typically am not on top of trends at all and I just kind of do my own thing, but the fact that jean jackets and eyelet are back just sends me over the moon. 

Fashion Friday

What do you think of this kind of look?
Happy Friday!

Florida OOTD's

Inspired by Caroline, I am going to share what I wore in Florida! I took a picture of every outfit I wore, except for one that you will be seeing tomorrow for my Thursday outfit post! Here they are in order of wear...

I loved wearing my striped maxi and Jack's poolside. My maxi is so extremely comfortable and effortless, I couldn't resist!

I wore the first outfit for about 30 minutes before changing into the second one, realizing that it was a little chilly and those shorts weren't quite "dinner material"

My Lilly jammie's were simply perf for those Florida nights :)

Day 2 was spent in the Everglades. I chose a simple white tee with seersucker shorts and my tennies for the boat ride (I probably should have worn my Sperry's, but my mother is persistent about those tennis shoes!)

My H&M striped dress surely gets a lot of lovin' in my spring/summer wardrobe. I paired it with my new clutch, arm candy, and obviously my Jack's!

SO.... I'm obsessed with my neon critter shorts from J. Crew Factory... And are you sensing that I might be addicted to those shoes too?

I love my new cover-up.

A Lands' End oldie + J. Crew Factory Critter Flip-Flops.

Ahh... Classic ;)

(I think I wore about three more outfits, but I must have forgotten to take pictures, sorry!)

What did you wear on break? Stay tuned for another outfit tomorrow!

Florida Purchases

I really wanted to do a vlog on this, but I didn't get around to it and I really felt that today was the day to post this...

I had a really great trip to Florida. Although we only popped into two stores, I managed to pick up 9 things that I am in love with. The two stores we went to were Lilly (duh) and Best of Everything. Best of Everything is a jewelry/accessories store with locations in both Naples and Bonita (if you are ever near, you must go!). mWs has raved about it and seriously, I am going to too. It is amazing. It's an absolutely huge store with wonderful jewelry and accessories (including some Lilly and Eliza B!) at really incredible prices!!

{Disclaimer: I'm not trying to brag; I completely appreciate everything I got and I just thought this would be fun to share!}

First, from Best of Everything, I picked up 6 things!

I headed to Florida really wanting a new cover-up and a knock-off David Yurman (my mom says she won't buy me a real one until I stop losing things...). Thanks to Best of Everything, I came home with what I wanted! This cover-up was only $44 and I am absolutely obsessed with it! I don't know if you can really tell, but it is hot pink stripes with orange rope looking ropes, I guess, haha!

I snagged this cute clutch for $25 and these adorable Lilly headphones (I head been using my iPhone ones and they hurt!!) for $28!

Here is my little knock-off (someone at school yesterday asked me if it was Yurman!) that was a steal for only $10 and this super wonderful pink watch that I got for only $8!!

I'm not really into earrings, but my mom suggested I try out these cute little rose gold studs. I like them and for $5, how could I say no?!

Next, from the Lilly store I picked up 2 (well technically 3) things!!

First, when I saw these Lilly shorts I knew I had to have them. The pattern, Chomp Chomp, is so adorable with it's little P&G gators! Also, since my mom and I splurged a bit, we managed to get the gift with purchase, the Lilly heritage charm bracelet! It's actually like the cutest thing... ever.

This last item I am about to share was on the very top of my must-purchase list. I knew I had to have this dress when I went to Florida, and I actually can't believe I own it now.


Yes, I got the Nina dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is my first Lilly dress EVER!!!!! I think I like the printed a bit better, but the white looked better on me, so I am just as happy!!! It's so amazingly cute I can't even stand it! AHHH!!!!!

Did you purchase anything fun on spring break?