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Madewell & Johnnie B

Two brands that I really like are Madewell and Johnnie B. Unfortunately for myself, I don't check out the new merchandise in these two brands often, and I really am missing out.

In Florida, I popped in the Madewell store and realized just what I had been missing. I think of it like a J. Crew but a little trendier... On Monday, I found a Johnnnie B catalog in my mail and fell in love with a few things similar to what I fell in love with at Madewell! I think of Johnnie B like a GAP but a little better...

Madewell ($160) // Johnnie B ($60)
I'm loving the bright citron color of these dresses! So fun for spring with a nude leather sandal!

Madewell ($120) // Johnnie B ($55)
Like I said yesterday, I'm loving jean jackets! I saw the Madewell one in the store... It's perfection.

I kind of feel like a hipster now... What do you think?


  1. Johnnie B = My life.. A good 25% of my closet is it/Boden

  2. i'm so obsessed with johnnie b, but i have yet to buy anything from there haha i should get on it though ;)

  3. I know Johnnie B is based out of England (right?) but I wish they had a store here! I'd love to see the clothes in person. OMG and we totally need a Madewell too!


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