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My Uniform

No, I am not talking about my school uniform, I am talking about that one outfit that I keep finding myself putting together and pulling on every time that I get the chance.

my uniform

I love this outfit because it is so crisp looking and so easy to throw on. I mean, what's better than looking fab  when it doesn't require any effort? Nothing.

Trench | I picked up my trench coat for about $30 at Forever 21 in a size large. Wow, there are so many things wrong with that sentence... But I honestly can go on and on about how great it is. It's the perfect color (not to light and not too dark) and it's a medium length, a little shorter than the one above. I find a trench to be the perfect coat for spring, since it's cute and functional, but can also protect from those April showers and wind episodes!
Button-Down | Ok, who here is not addicted to oxfords and button-downs? I may or may not have 14 of them... I typically find myself re-wearing my white one (although I am desperate for a new one!) and lavender one though, because white is classic and lavender is oh-so springy!
Jeans | Cuffed, skinny, dark wash, hello perfect pants! Although jeans are a bit casual, they really are so comfy and they do keep up with the rest of the polished outfit if they are dark enough.
Sperry's | I love my navy Sperry's. I wear them almost every day to school and at least once on the weekends as well. They are so comfortable and so versatile, and they really do fit for a plethora of occasions.
Stack | No outfit shall be complete without a little arm party! I have grown my jewelry collection a LOT in the past few weeks and I have found myself to keep returning to my Yurman knock-off and my J. Crew neon pink bangle. Of course I don't forget my classic silver watch!
Twirl | Although not featured, I having been wearing my Kate Spade Twirl perfume a lot lately. It smells divine and is truly a scent made for spring. (Not to mention, I picked up my bottle for only $15 at TJ Maxx!)

I also typically add my Clinique Chubby Stick (mighty mimosa is the way to go, people. It is a perfect color!) and Coach navy sequined wristlet to "my uniform" as well. 

What does your "uniform" consist of?

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  1. This is too cute! It's a very classic look that's so easy, but still looks put together! I have got to get a white button-down!


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