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Too Much.

I asked about including lifestyle posts a while ago and most of you seemed interested so here we go...

Until spring break, I never realized how much texting I do. I seriously am on my phone 24/7. Whether I'm Instragramming, Pinning, or just taking a picture, my phone never seems to leave my hand. But there is one thing that I seem to do a little too often: text.

I am in 34 group messages and 55 single-person conversations (yes I counted hahaha). There have been times (that are not so few and far between...) that I put my phone down for 10 minutes and then have 250 unread messages (I blame my group chat with eJm, mWs, JPS, and eRj).

I honestly don't even like to text, because people always text me at the worst times, I actually have a life (ha, well sort of), and I find it super annoying when people walk around texting and there head is down all the time, they are moving super slow, etc.

This is going to sound really mean... But I honestly hate it when people text me and they have nothing to talk to me about. I would rather get no texts than get 1,000 texts saying "hi". I only text about three boys (more on my boy phobia another time...) and I rarely ever reply because all they say to me is "heyy". It's like, seriously, I don't want to talk to you, stop talking to me.

I am going to try to limit my phone use from here on out. (I bet if I could see how many texts/iMessages I sent/received it would be scary... I'm thinking around 25,000?) I am so addicted to my phone I have to have my mom repeat herself at least three times almost every time we talk and so much more. I just can't control it!!! I have given my phone to my parents for the past couple of days while I do my homework because I find that it's the only way to help my problem.

Do you have this problem too? Please let me know your tips for trying to not be addicted to your phone!!

PS- Fun Fact: Did you know that the way a drug addict's brain functions when sitting on the other side of a room from drugs is the same way that the average teenager's brain functions when sitting on the other side of a room from their cell phone? I know. Scary.


  1. I find it most helpful to put my phone away, out of sight, and out of mind when trying to get stuff done. You can get so much done without it by your side. I think the way you're giving it to your parents while doing homework is a great idea!


  2. I'm not too addicted to texting (Mainly because most of my friends aren't that into it. My dad texts me the most out of everyone haha!) but I am quick to become a Twitter and Instagram addict... ESPECIALLY Instagram. :-) As Rachel said in the comment above my goal is just to put it out of sight when I have important things to get done! It is too bad that texting doesn't have a sign out or "away" option like Facebook or IM huh?

    Good luck! :-)

    xoxo Miss ALK

  3. I used to be CRAZY addicted to texting, but now I only pretty much text other people when I have something specific to talk about (like you said above). I used to love texting, but now I just find it a waste of time..
    you can beat this addiction girly ;)

  4. I'd have to disagree with that fact. Sitting across the room from your phone is nowhere near as triggering as being next to something you are physiologically addicted to. The difference is that you can distract yourself from your phone, but it's ten times harder to distract yourself from a chemical your brain is dependent on. Most addicts would gladly give up their phone over drugs. In other words, an excessive texting habit is totally overcomeable! I find that I can't distance myself from my phone during homework because I'm afraid I'll miss out on something. To deal with this, I let my friends know when I'll be doing homework so they know not to text me. Once I'm not anxious over missing out, putting my phone in a different room makes me comepletely forget about it and I can focus on homework.

  5. I used to text all the time, but now I only text when I need to! I'll admit that sometimes while I'm doing my homework, I REALLY just want to go on Twitter (I blame tweet chats for that...), but I just go to overcome it.

    While I'm doing my homework or studying, I'll stop texting everyone and point my phone on the "do not disturb" option so I won't know if I got a tweet/text/etc. or not!

  6. Your not the only one- same here! I do the same thing put it somewhere where I won't get it and text!



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