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Chrome Designs

Everyone probably already knows about this, but I just discovered something super cool on Friday, and honestly, I just had to share it!!!

If you are a Google Chrome user like me, prepare yourself....

YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE THE DESIGN! Here is a little tutorial...

On the right of the browser, click the icon with the little three lines and then click settings

Find where it says "get themes" and click on that

I currently have the first one, which is Prada. My other favorites are the Kate Spade and Lillly Pulitzer. (For Prada and Kate Spade, they are on the page when you click. Kate Spade is right there but you have to scroll down for Prada. For Lilly, you have to search Lilly Pulitzer.)

Did you already know about this?


  1. I've had the Kate Spade and Lilly ones but I currently have Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon(inner child problems)

  2. Yeah I knew, I have the Lilly one right now! I love it!



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