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2023 Gift Guide: My Wishlist

2023 Gift Guide: My Wishlist; Best Friend; Girlfriend; Fun Aunt; Bougie gifts

It's gift guide season!!! I have absolutely loved making gift guides every season for the past 10+ years, and this year will be no different. Today we are starting off with a fun one: my personal wish list! I feel like truly the hardest thing to do every year is come up with gift ideas for yourself when your friends and family ask, so I thought it could be helpful to give a few of my actual ideas to get us started. 

I really don't ask for things anymore, but I like to put together a list for inspiration, for fun, and of course, just in case ;). 

When thinking about my Christmas wishlist, there are really two categories I try to bucket things into: firstly, items that I've been eyeing for a while and just don't see myself actually buying, and secondly, items that I kind of need/want for practical purposes and don't want to buy for myself.

Let's jump into it!

Frannie's Christmas Wishlist

2023 Gift Guide: My Wishlist; Best Friend; Girlfriend; Fun Aunt; Bougie gifts

1: American Monuments Book & 2: The Carlyle Book // Both of these chic coffee table books have been on my list for years! Honorable mention: The Aerin book from my birthday wishlist post. You can really never have too many coffee table books.

3: Diptyque Roses Candle // A gorgeous, delightfully scented candle that I wouldn't mind finding under the tree.

4: Scalloped sheet set // I've just been feeling like it might be time to replace some of my sheet sets and upgrade to something a bit nicer.

5: Cartier watch // My new life strategy is putting a silver Cartier tank watch on every gift guide until I get one. It might be a while though, LOL.

6: Pink Tennis Bracelet // I've had my eye on this pretty pink tennis bracelet for a few months now! It comes in at a very reasonable price point.

7: Rhode Lip Gloss Set // A few of my friends have and love the Rhode lip glosses. I go through lip gloss like crazy so I'd love to try this set!

8: Aesop Soap // This is my favorite hand soap, but it's one of those things I just don't like to actually purchase myself.

9: Pink Adidas Gazelle's // I've been wanting these for over a year now, and just can't get myself to pull the trigger! Would love to receive them.

10: Jonathan Adler Lamp // Another item I've been eyeing for over a year! This is pricey but wow do I love this lamp.

11: New Running Shoes // Around this time every year it's time for a new pair of running shoes for me. I haven't tried On shoes before but I think this pair is really cute! I also love these pink Hokas. I currently have these Asics and had these Hokas the year before. Loved both but want to try something new. 

12: New Non-stick Pans // Ah, saved the best for last! Haha, kidding, but new pans really are something I am in need of and actually will be asking for for Christmas. Getting desperate over here! I think this set in particular is so aesthetically pleasing but also practical and has great reviews.. the trifecta!

What's on your wishlist?


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