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My Delusional Birthday Wishlist / Gift Guide

Fran Acciardo Bougie Delusional Birthday August Wishlist / Gift Guide

My 25th birthday is this weekend and I thought it might be fun to make a delusional/unrealistic wishlist and put it out into the world!

In my family, my parents have made milestone birthdays really special. As a Leo, it's something I do not take for granted and means so, so much to me. In exchange, we don't really do birthday presents, and I love it that way! I have more than everything I need in life and really all I want every year is to spend time with the people that I don't get to see enough now that I'm an adult.

A few favorite birthdays were: my 18th birthday when my dad surprised me with a sunset sailboat ride in Maine, my 20th birthday (my golden birthday) when my dad took me to Palm Beach for a weekend, and my 21st birthday when my mom took me to Napa for a week of wine tasting. 

This year, I am turning 25, and I'm looking forward to spending the weekend in the Hamptons with my dad, aunt and uncle, and Joe! I feel so grateful for them and the fun experiences they've given me! In exchange, as I mentioned, we don't really do physical gifts, so this list is completely just for fun!

Also - I already own a few of the items on this list and absolutely love them, so I thought this could be a fun mini-gift guide if there's anyone fabulous in your life with a birthday coming up.

August Wishlist

I bought this pillow on Nantucket and I love it! It's soo me and makes me smile every time I look at it. I also love this NYC version!

I bought this Byredo La Tulipe body lotion in Paris, where it's a fraction of the price that it is here in the States, but it is still worth every penny. It is the best scent of all time and I love layering it on before a nice dinner or event to feel and smell extra luxurious. 

This blue enamel ring reminds me of Sofia Richie's blue ring and I think it's absolutely fabulous and would be so chic for everyday wear.

This is my favorite classic pink lipstick!

I think these card prints are so cute and would add a fun element to anyone's apartment - they're under $20!

These scalloped towels (hand towels here, bath towels here) are gorgeous and can be customized! I have similar scalloped towels that spark so much joy - instead of a monogram, mine say "narcissist" and "the drama" - they make me laugh and were an incredible gift from my bestie Katie last year. I love them so much!

A tennis necklace - need I say more?!

Ok, the engagement ring on here is a JOKE (I mean, everything on this list is a joke, but especially this)- I am not anywhere close to getting engaged! But the ring itself, not a joke, not at all. I actually found this ring on the Tiffany website in 8th grade; I was picking out a gift for 8th grade graduation from the Tiffany site, and in natural Frannie fashion, got distracted, and fell in love with this rope engagement ring. To this day I still think it's the most beautiful ring I've ever seen; the rope setting feels so me (I've always loved the beach and being by the ocean) and I love that it doesn't look like every other typical engagement ring! Ummm so yeah. Let's all remember this when the time comes. Moving on!

I am strongly considering this dress for my friend's wedding at the end of September. It's a little pricier than I'd like but I can't get it out of my head! I think the color is perfection, and the organza is so fun. We'll see if I pull the trigger or not... pray for my Amex, LOL.

I am obsessed with Aerin Lauder and have swooned for years over this coffee table book that she helped created to commemorate her grandmother Estee Lauder's life. It's gorgeous and so big, and such a pretty statement.  

If there are two things that have been on my wishlist forever, it's a Cartier tank watch and a Chanel bag!  Surprisingly I've found myself loving the denim Chanel bags lately. 

Can never go wrong with a Diptyque candle as a gift - gorgeous, classic, and fabulous.


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