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This Week's Top 10

Fran Acciardo This Week's Top 10 - Effortless Style, Harlowe James
image via harlowe james

1. Happy Friday and last day of March!! Q1 flew by this year. From Vermont to Dallas, Telluride to Palm Beach, both my mom and Joe visiting me in NYC, and shooting my apartment in NYC last week, it was a really fun few months full of time spent with my favorite people in some fabulous places!

2. Last week specifically was really busy for me; I had two influencer events + a birthday party for friends, and for some reason, it just felt like a lot. I took this week off of social activities (with the exception of going to book club, because I adore my book club) and it felt so nice to cook, watch Daisy Jones, lay on my couch, and relax every night. I didn't even read (I do need/want to get back into my reading, though)

3. I loved Daisy Jones & The Six. If you haven't watched it yet, I'd totally recommend it! I feel like it's getting mixed reviews, but I thought it was great (I am pretty easy to please, though). I read the book a couple years ago and loved it (I think I gave it five stars). With any adaption, I always think it's best to not only read the book first (duh) but to read it significantly before watching the show or movie. Like, you can't finish a book and start the show the next night and think you're going to enjoy the show; I feel like your brain needs to forget about the way you imagined the book in your head in order to appreciate the show on the screen. 

Easter / Spring Dresses (All Under $250!)

Easter / Spring Dresses (All Under $250!) - Fran Acciardo

Growing up, Easter was always one of my favorite holidays. I grew up in a family that went to church every single Sunday together, so we took Easter pretty seriously! It usually meant a new dress, an Easter egg hunt, brunch, and sometimes even seeing my grandparents (which, of course, was always special). I have such happy memories with my family on Easter Sunday; I always think of a sunny, spring day, with tulips, easter baskets, and dressing up for church before coming home and enjoying a delicious spread by my mom. It's a nostalgic holiday for me, and a day that I really look forward to celebrating when I have my own family.

Anyway, as I've gotten older, I feel like it's lost a bit of its sparkle... in college, and even now, it's not necessarily a "big enough" holiday to "go home" for, so I don't feel like I properly celebrate it how I used to, although I really wish I did!

This year, I am heading to Paris for Easter, *hopefully*. Since Easter is next weekend, it's creeping up quickly, and with all of the unrest in Paris right now, I'm just hoping we won't need to cancel our trip last minute. If we do make it, we have plans for mass, followed by brunch. I'm going with my friend Katie whose birthday is actually on Easter Sunday this year, too, so we of course have some fun evening plans as well!

While I'm not spending a traditional Easter with my family this year, I couldn't help but round up some pretty spring dresses for the occasion. I picked a variety of price points (including options under $100), but all of them are under $250. 

2 Years in NYC

2 Years in NYC - Fran Acciardo wearing Atlantic Pacific X Lake Pajamas
shop my pajamas here

Two years ago yesterday, my brother drove me from Wisconsin to NYC in a U-Haul, and two years ago today we rolled up to my sight-unseen, crazy covid deal, 400 square foot one-bedroom apartment in SoHo (with a dishwasher!). The past two years have been some of the happiest years of my life so far. I feel like myself more than ever, and I really, really like my life. 

This Week's Top 10: So! Many! Exciting! Things!

Atlantic Pacific x LAKE Pajamas

1. Hello and happy Friday! What a week! I had two influencer events this week, tonight I have a joint birthday party for two of my fabulous friends, and tomorrow (drumroll please!) I am shooting my apartment with a fellow blogger. To say I've been a bit overwhelmed would be an understatement, but all good things!!!

2. The highlight of the week so far was undoubtedly the launch party on Tuesday night for the LAKE Pajamas X Atlantic Pacific collaboration. It was simply surreal to me that I was included in an event alongside so many of the bloggers I grew up following. Not to mention, the pajama collection could not be cuter! 

I have this pair of PJ's and this robe from the collection and I can't stop wearing them. Also, love this set for the pool/beach!

I just... I'm really at a loss to describe how excited I am about this. I actually made three tik toks exclusively from Tuesday night, haha! Blair could not have been nicer, more beautiful, or more humble in person. I really do check her blog every single day (there are very few blogs I check anymore!), so it was overall such a pinch-me opportunity.

3. I was pretty proud of my outfit on Tuesday night; I linked everything here, including these perfectly pink slingbacks (fabulous for spring!), my favorite feather bag, and this striped top (on sale!) that I purposely wore to match the collection!

This Week's Top 10: Spring Shopping Finds (+ Happy St. Pat's Day!)

This Week's Top 10: Spring Shopping Finds (+ Happy St. Pat's Day!)

Hello + happy Friday + happy St. Patrick's Day!

Wow, there are so many updates to fill you all in on! I returned to NYC from Palm Beach the other day, which I plan to recap here in the next week, and Joe arrives tonight from Dallas for a weekend in the city. He was actually supposed to arrive last night but unfortunately, his flight was canceled! We don't have too many plans this weekend besides just hanging out and bopping around, which should be lovely. Palm Beach was amazing and I still have so many photos to share - be sure to check out my recent Instagram posts if you haven't already!

1. In the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, I have to share my new favorite seafoam green sweater that I can not get enough of!

2. RUN don't walk to get these sequined mini skirts on sale!!! I ordered both the silver and the navy because I couldn't choose. I plan to wear one in Paris in a few weeks and the other in Chicago next month for my bestie's birthday. They're going to be so much fun for going out looks in the summer, too, and the price is too good to pass up.

3. I wore this $25 sweater all week in Palm Beach - it's absolutely perfect for spring and summer! It comes in five cute colors; I have it in white. Size down, it runs large.

Weekend Recap with my Mom! (Lots of NYC Recs!)

Weekend Recap with my Mom! (Lots of NYC Recs!) - Tin Building 
I am heading to Palm Beach today! Before I go, I need to recap last weekend here in the city. My mom came to NYC last weekend for a visit, and it was so much fun. My mom had visited me once before, Christmas 2021, but it was such a busy time in the city and with family for the holiday, that I felt like she was overdue for a true weekend in the city. Ironically enough, we spent the majority of our time in Brooklyn, but it was still so much fun. Of course, we ate some really great food!

March Moodboard (Desktop & iPhone Wallpaper Downloads)


fran acciardo march 2023 mood board winter spring pink and green desktop wallpaper iphone wallpaper aesthetic download love flowers st Patrick’s day springy floral pastel vibes fresh and clean girl aesthetic nye

Happy March! I hope you're all having a great week so far. I can't believe a new month is already here! From a week in Dallas to a week in Telluride, February was a busy month for me, and March is looking to be about the same-- my mom is visiting me in NYC this weekend, I'm heading to Palm Beach next weekend, Joe visits the following weekend, and the weekend after that *drum roll please,* I am finally shooting my apartment, after two years of living here!!!

Of course, this month we have St. Patrick's Day, and (hopefully) the first signs of spring, so this mood board feels very green and fresh and clean - I hope you love it!

I hope you love this month's mood board as much as I do. Please tag me on IG if you download the new mood board- I absolutely love to see the board on your screens!!