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This Week's Top 10: So! Many! Exciting! Things!

Atlantic Pacific x LAKE Pajamas

1. Hello and happy Friday! What a week! I had two influencer events this week, tonight I have a joint birthday party for two of my fabulous friends, and tomorrow (drumroll please!) I am shooting my apartment with a fellow blogger. To say I've been a bit overwhelmed would be an understatement, but all good things!!!

2. The highlight of the week so far was undoubtedly the launch party on Tuesday night for the LAKE Pajamas X Atlantic Pacific collaboration. It was simply surreal to me that I was included in an event alongside so many of the bloggers I grew up following. Not to mention, the pajama collection could not be cuter! 

I have this pair of PJ's and this robe from the collection and I can't stop wearing them. Also, love this set for the pool/beach!

I just... I'm really at a loss to describe how excited I am about this. I actually made three tik toks exclusively from Tuesday night, haha! Blair could not have been nicer, more beautiful, or more humble in person. I really do check her blog every single day (there are very few blogs I check anymore!), so it was overall such a pinch-me opportunity.

3. I was pretty proud of my outfit on Tuesday night; I linked everything here, including these perfectly pink slingbacks (fabulous for spring!), my favorite feather bag, and this striped top (on sale!) that I purposely wore to match the collection!

4. I had another event last night for the beautiful new glassware company, Sprezz! If you're looking for unique and elevated glassware (that is also dishwasher safe!), you must check them out.

5. Last night I wore this lady jacket, under $50! So easy and chic to throw on. Going to be a staple in my closet! (Turn on your "notify me" - it keeps coming and going in and out of stock!)

6. Speaking of jackets: I find spring jackets so hard. Like, it's still a little chilly, but I don't want to wear a puffer?! I absolutely love this pink one, as well as this very similar option for under $50!

7. Current favorite lip combo: the OG generation G in "like" + my favorite lip glaze of all time

8. I recently ran out of moisturizer and popped into Sephora while traveling, and the sales associate recommended to me this moisturizer, which is a dupe for the drunk elephant protini (1/2 the price + more peptides in the formula!)! It's also the same brand as my favorite lip glaze linked above! I love it!

9. Currently reading!

10. Last but not least, thank you all for following along!!! There have been a handful of new faces over the past few weeks and it just warms my heart and means so much to me. Thank you, thank you, and have a great weekend!


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