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Easter / Spring Dresses (All Under $250!)

Easter / Spring Dresses (All Under $250!) - Fran Acciardo

Growing up, Easter was always one of my favorite holidays. I grew up in a family that went to church every single Sunday together, so we took Easter pretty seriously! It usually meant a new dress, an Easter egg hunt, brunch, and sometimes even seeing my grandparents (which, of course, was always special). I have such happy memories with my family on Easter Sunday; I always think of a sunny, spring day, with tulips, easter baskets, and dressing up for church before coming home and enjoying a delicious spread by my mom. It's a nostalgic holiday for me, and a day that I really look forward to celebrating when I have my own family.

Anyway, as I've gotten older, I feel like it's lost a bit of its sparkle... in college, and even now, it's not necessarily a "big enough" holiday to "go home" for, so I don't feel like I properly celebrate it how I used to, although I really wish I did!

This year, I am heading to Paris for Easter, *hopefully*. Since Easter is next weekend, it's creeping up quickly, and with all of the unrest in Paris right now, I'm just hoping we won't need to cancel our trip last minute. If we do make it, we have plans for mass, followed by brunch. I'm going with my friend Katie whose birthday is actually on Easter Sunday this year, too, so we of course have some fun evening plans as well!

While I'm not spending a traditional Easter with my family this year, I couldn't help but round up some pretty spring dresses for the occasion. I picked a variety of price points (including options under $100), but all of them are under $250. 

Shop the dresses:

ROW 1: pink floral mini // white with gold buttons // hot pink // pastel tweed // pink & white

ROW 2: floral with ribbon // bright yellow // green and blue floral // cream eyelet // pink floral maxi

ROW 3: gingham tweed // blue tweed (has sequins!) // lavender mini // pink tweed mini // floral long-sleeve

What are your Easter plans?


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