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Spring Weekend with Joe Recap

fran acciardo weekend recap nyc april 2022.jpeg

My boyfriend Joe visited me here in NYC this weekend and we had such a lovely time. It was a casual little weekend, which was a nice change of pace considering we usually have extravagant plans whenever he is in town. We only made a couple of reservations ahead of time and then mostly just hung out, walked around, and explored. Here's a recap of what we did!


Joe arrived Friday mid-morning and once I finished up some meetings around noon, we headed to Rubirosa in Nolita. We both wanted pizza and I had heard great things about Rubirosa! I was shocked when we walked in and were able to sit right down without any wait. I had their baz spritz and joe had a beer, and we split their caesar and the honey pie, which is a hot honey pizza with soppresatta. It was incredible. Probably our favorite meal of the whole weekend, and that's saying a lot.

fran acciardo weekend recap with my boyfriend in nyc april 2022

The weather was gorgeous on Friday. We walked around Nolita, the West Village, Washington Square Park and just enjoyed the city and the weather and each other's company. I wore my new shoes!!

On Friday night we ventured to Williamsburg where we had a res at Tabaré. The space was cozy, dark, and vibey, giving hipster cottage at night which I love, but it was SO loud and a little cramped. The food was really good but not mind-blowing, and then we went to a bar after for another drink before heading home!

fran acciardo weekend recap with my boyfriend in nyc april 2022


Saturday morning we woke up and went for a long walk down the West Side Highway and through Tribeca. It was a lovely, slow morning with coffee in hand. We ended up heading home and playing scrabble in the afternoon, grabbing sandwiches in SoHo for lunch, and just relaxing most of the day. 

Then we got ready and headed out! Joe was so excited about his outfit on Saturday night because he recently ordered this shirt and these pants, and both are great on him! If anyone else's boyfriend needs some new clothes, highly recommend those pieces. 

I wore my new favorite robe from Lake Pajamas to get ready. It is truly the softest thing I've ever put on my body!! I also tried this Versed serum and the dew drops to prep my skin- loved both.

Even though it was totally sunny outside, it started raining a few minutes after we left my apartment in search for a drink, so we popped into a few places before finally finding a seat at the bar at Bobo. I had never been but I'd heard good things, and I was so pleased by the cuteness and good energy in the basement establishment. Highly recommend it if you're in the WV!

fran acciardo weekend recap with my boyfriend in nyc april 2022

Saturday night we had dinner at Piggyback, which is a new spot in Midtown opened by LES institution Pig and Khao. We went to Pig and Khao in August and absolutely loved it, so when Joe saw they opened a sister restaurant, we had to go! It was kind of fun to switch it up and head uptown for once, and everything was delicious. It's much less crowded and roomier than Pig and Khao, and the food is just as good. The menu is a little different, more pan Asian, but we enjoyed everything we ordered... especially the s&p shrimp and the fried chicken!!


I told Joe that Palm Sunday mass was non-negotiable, so we woke up and went to church on Sunday morning. I treated him to brunch as his reward, lol. We brunched at Jeffrey's Grocery, which I'd been wanting to try. The food was good, but I think my expectations were a little too high... would still recommend it though! We started with the cheddar biscuits which were a special and they were outstanding. I ordered the lobster cobb salad, and like I said, it was good, but I feel like I could have made the same thing equally as well myself, haha.

fran acciardo weekend recap with my boyfriend in nyc april 2022

We came home and relaxed, online shopped, played scrabble, and just chilled most of the afternoon. It was soo nice. Then we went for a long walk and did a little shopping before popping into Okinii for dinner. Okinii is a super casual, kind of random Asian spot in Greenwich Village. We weren't planning to go out again but I didn't have any food at my apartment, and we figured it wasn't much different from ordering take-out. I'd recommend Okinii for takeout or a casual bite if you're in the area. We had sushi and udon noodles and teriyaki.. yum.

We came home and watched the Red Sox / Yankees game before heading to bed. Joe left very early this AM... always blows my mind how quickly the weekends together fly by. 


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