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This Week's Top 10: Easter Edition

This Week's Top 10: Easter Edition fran acciardo

 1. Hello and happy Easter Monday if you celebrate! I hope you all had a lovely weekend. This weekend was quite a busy one for me so I wasn't able to get this up on Friday when I usually post This Week's Top 10. Thursday I had dinner with one of my aunts and my bestie Caroline, Friday was my cousin's birthday, so our family when to Tavern on the Green for dinner, and yesterday was Easter so I went to church and hosted a little brunch!

2. I took my first ennegram test yesterday (I did this one and it is free if you want to try it too!) and found it so fascinating. Afterward I read this article about how best to recharge according to your enneagram and definitely took some notes. I am a 7 (wing 3)!

3. I do want to take a moment to acknowledge the shooting that took place on the subway in Brooklyn last week. Absolutely terrible, so scary, and really sad. Fortunately, the shooter was caught, and no one died!!!, but still thinking of everyone impacted by this. 


4. In brighter news, I went for a walk Friday morning and got a donut in the West Village at Doughnut Project. I had the maple cruller and it was a 10/10. Would highly recommend! 

5. The weather has been gorgeous! I can not stop wearing my new shoes

6. Speaking of shoes: these lace-up sandals under $40 are SO cute. Love the heel detail!

7. I made this quiche recipe for Easter and it turned out amazing. It was so easy, too. The hardest part was patience!

8. I ordered these placemats for the aforementioned Easter brunch and I am OBSESSED. Unfortunately they didn't arrive in time, but I really feel like they were made for me, not to be dramatic. 

9. I have not been able to get enough of this candle lately. My dad got it for me when I was in Dallas and it's just incredible!

10. Been really into slingback heels lately and love this pair


Hope you all have a lovely week ahead and had a blessed Easter if you celebrate! 


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