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This Week's Top 10: all of the fall things

gray malin dogs of NYC fran acciardo this week's top 10

1. The photo above is from Gray Malin's fabulous new Dogs of NYC collection. Read more about the collection here!

2. Last night I had a major "romanticize my life" moment. I went on a walk after work through the West Village to see all of the pretty homes and fall decor, and then I stopped at TJ's on my way home where I picked up a pumpkin, gourd, and a few pumpkin beers! I got home and lit my fall candle and read my book while listening to this fabulous fall jazz playlist. I was really living my fall truth. Everything and more!

3. Need to call out my new fall candle: it's AMAZING. I found it at Target on Sunday and it *sparks joy.* The scent sounds bad (pumpkin & cinnamon) but I promise it took me by very pleasant surprise when I sniffed it at the store! I find sweet-smelling/pumpkin spice/vanilla-type scents just gross in my opinion, and this isn't that- it's just fall and fabulous. And it's super cute! And only $15!

4. So looking forward to Adele's new album, but in the meantime, her VOGUE cover story is incredible.

5. J. Crew is having a great sale right now! Use code GOBIG through the weekend for 40% off.

I love this fall-toned plaid dress, might order it to wear for Thanksgiving.

The pops of orange on this pink rugby-striped turtleneck couldn't be cuter; would be fab with leather pants.

This gorgeous coat is an amazing deal during this sale. I love both the ivory and the orchid.

These heeled ballet mules are truly the most adorable shoes.

6. Two pink things: I can't believe this pink houndstooth blazer is under $100, and this pink tweed jacket is precious

7. I made this chili recipe on Sunday and it was a game-changer having something easy and delicious in the fridge all week.

8. Kind of really want to make Liz's pumpkin snickerdoodles this weekend... don't they look amazing?!

9. This would be a gorgeous dress to wear to a fall/winter wedding if you have one coming up, and it's so reasonably priced!

10. Thank you for making this IG photo of mine my most-liked of the year so far!


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