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One Year of Consulting

ONE YEAR OF CONSULTING working in tech consulting nyc fran acciardo

One month ago, I hit the one-year mark of my job. To get the big questions out of the way, I work in consulting for a large technology company, and I majored in Business Information Systems in college. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin in May 2020 and started my job (remote!) in September 2020. I’m technically based out of NYC (whenever the offices reopen), so that’s why I moved here.

I want to focus on two main things in this post. First, of course, I want to document the first year of my first “real” job! I’ve learned so much over the past year, and I can pinpoint handfuls of ways I’ve changed and grown because of my job which challenges me every single day. I want to document all these things so I can continue to set goals for myself and grow in my role. 

I also want to document where I’m at now in my thoughts about my career, because I think that especially will be interesting to look back on.

To any of you graduating college or looking to get into tech or consulting, I would be happy to share more details on how I got my job and some of the specific things I did, and strategies I used as a senior year in college to apply for jobs. Let me know if you’d find that helpful!

Anyway, let’s jump into it!


I want to just start off by saying I didn’t specifically want to go into consulting after college. I participated in a few case competitions in college, which I enjoyed, so I figured it could be a good industry/role for me. That was pretty much it… like any senior in college, I really just cared about getting a “good job,” and what exactly that looked like wasn’t that specific for me. I applied to tons of different industries and various roles in cities all over the country. 

At the time, I had no idea what specifically I wanted to do (spoiler alert: I *still* have no idea. Literally, no clue. Anyway!)

So, when I got this job offer, it seemed like the best one for a few reasons. First of all, I really did want to move to NYC. I considered Boston and Chicago strongly and had an offer in each of those cities, but I knew NYC was where I really wanted to end up, so that was great. Also, I was excited about this company. I liked that it had name recognition! I also was drawn to the fact that since it is a large company, I would be part of a “start class,” and I liked the idea of having peers going through a similar experience as me. The job itself seemed like a good use of my degree, and I liked that with consulting, you have the opportunity to wear different hats as you move through different projects. Lastly, I found the whole traveling for work thing very appealing. LOL. If only I’d known there was a pandemic coming and I wouldn’t be traveling at all! Looking back, I don’t know if I could even have handled that, I love the work-from-home lifestyle so much.

The First Year

I’ve been on an energy and utility project almost the entire past year. I did not see this coming! A year ago, I couldn’t have told you a single thing about energy, utilities, or meters. Now, of course, as a result, I know plenty about E&U, but that’s kind of beside the point. I have learned a lot of skills that are transferrable outside of just the E&U industry. 

Here’s my best example: on my project, we have a morning and an end-of-day call. The calls are only like two minutes long, but a year ago, if I had to speak on them, I would get so nervous I would be sweating and must write myself a little script… for a two-minute call, which I spoke to only a handful of my closest teammates, with my camera off. Like, dramatic much? But the point is I used to be so scared of every little thing. This past year has given me a thicker skin, professional skills, and quite a bit of confidence in the workplace. Now, I am leading technical discussions and sharing my own opinions and perspectives in meetings with vendors from different companies across North America. It’s crazy what can happen in a year. 

(Not to mention, I am *the* go-to girl on my team for Excel, and I can make a mean PowerPoint deck, LOL )

I’m not perfect at my job (not even close) but I just want to share how much you can learn and surprise yourself in just a year by being curious, always asking if there are other ways to help a team member, and figuring things out on your own before asking for help. 

In fact, that might be one of my biggest tips. I am successful at my job because in the beginning, when I didn’t have much on my plate, I constantly asked my team “what else can I help you with.” Not only did it look good, but it resulted in me owning multiple deliverables, which got me extended on my project. And it wasn’t crazy stuff! I just started putting together spreadsheets and decks and weekly or daily reports, because I had the bandwidth to do so, and I knew it would be a good experience. 

Overall I'd say: consulting is interesting. It’s challenging, I feel like I’m learning a lot, and I like the feeling of accomplishment, achievement, and purpose at the end of… most days ;)  

What’s Next

Right now, I am happy with my job. Like I said, I feel like I am growing and learning a ton, and I feel challenged and purposeful 99% of the time. In my mind, those are great reasons to stay in a job in your early career! I like the city I’m in, I’m excited about rolling onto my second project in hopefully a few months, and I see a trajectory ahead of me, like a promotion and more responsibilities in the next six months or so. 

However, I think consulting is probably not the end-all, be-all for me. I say this with a grain of salt because I’ve only been on one project and it’s not exactly the most exciting thing I’ve ever experienced in my life, but I do think I could probably find a job in the next 5ish years that I feel a bit more aligned to and passionate about.

What that looks like, I have no idea! I have so many interests and there are so many things I’d be willing to try, that my career could potentially go in any direction, which excites me.


Looking forward to continuing to share these experiences with all of you.

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