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7 Halloween Costume Ideas

fran acciardo 7 halloween costume ideas legally blonde bunny reese witherspoon

Sunday night on Instagram I shared a story asking what you're dressing up as for Halloween! There were some great responses, but also a lot of "I have no idea, please share ideas." I have always been so last minute with Halloween costumes, and this year I can't believe I'm actually somewhat ahead of the game (literally ordered a bunch of stuff last night and today is probably the last day to order if you don't want to pay extra for shipping!). 

I rounded up a few random ideas that I either researched or just thought of, and a lot of them are relatively easy! Like, you won't need more than a few things that you can find on amazon or other similar sites. I linked a lot of pieces to make it even easier for you! One year I will go to a *legit* costume party and have a really great, all-out costume, but we're not there yet...

I think I'm going to keep my costume a secret for now, so here are some other ideas: 

Legally Blonde Bunny -- Up first, every time I've shared a Halloween costume blog post, I always include some sort of bunny costume. It's semi-unique, easy, and just kind of fabulous! Wear bunny ears, a pink bodysuit, tights, add some accessories, and... ta-da! These bunny ears are classic Legally Blonde (see photo above!), but these ears are really cute/unique. Joe and I are doing a matching costume but if it was just me, I'd definitely be doing this.

fran acciardo 7 halloween costume ideas the matrix tiny sunglasses

The Matrix -- this one is easy, and you'd end up looking distinct without having to try too hard! All you really need is an all-black outfit and tiny sunglasses. I love the idea of this blazer dress, maybe some over the knee boots (because why not) and these little sunnies. If you want to be more legit, find an all-vinyl outfit.

fran acciardo 7 halloween costume ideas cruella de vil cruella deville

Cruella De Vil -- first of all, I'm dying to see the new movie with Emma Stone. second, I played Cruella De Vil in the school play in fourth grade and rewore my costume for Halloween that year... it was definitely one of my top 3 most iconic looks ;) need to find that picture. Anyway - here's the wig, and then you just need a coat like this, red lipstick, a cigarette holder, and you can wear a black dress and heels or boots that you already have! Add a boa if you're feeling crazy.

fran acciardo 7 halloween costume ideas kendall jenner fembot austin powers

Fembot -- based on the character from Austin Powers, this costume is just so cute and fun. Very similar vibes to the Legally Blonde bunny above! You can find the exact dress on amazon for under $40 here!

fran acciardo 7 halloween costume ideas britney spears oops i did it again

Oops, I Did it Again -- Omg, this one is a fun one (it was all Elizabeth's idea!). If you want to go all-out, you can recreate Britney's iconic red catsuit look with this option from Etsy. Find less expensive options on Amazon here, and a pair of red vinyl pants for just $20 here.

Sailor -- this is an easy one, and kind of lame, but if you're super last minute and want a casual idea, this could work! You really just need a simple outfit like a striped sweater or top and jeans, and then a cap like this one

Cowgirl -- kind of basic, but this is easy if you have a pair of cowboy boots, which I feel like everyone has right now. Add a cowboy hat and a fringe jacket (the one I linked is actually so cute) and you're good to go!

What are you dressing up as this year?!


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