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13 NYC Restaurants, Bars & Cafes I Love

fran acciardo 12 nyc restaurants, bars, and cafe's i would recommend nyc spots

It's been a few months since I last shared a round-up of NYC spots I love and would recommend. It's also been a few weeks since my last blog post, so hi! I've missed you, and I'm excited to share some places I've been trying in the past few weeks that I've been ignoring you (sorry, love you! lol). In this post, I've broken down the spots into three categories: restaurants/bars, just for drinks, and cafes/breakfast spots. Would love to hear if you've been to any of these spots and what you thought, or if there's a spot I absolutely need to try!

Restaurants / Bars

sgroppino at bar pisellino fran acciardo nyc restaurants

the sgroppino at bar pisellino

smash burger at the spaniard west village fran acciardo nyc restaurants

the burger at the spaniard

1. The Spaniard - I've been meaning to write this post for a while now, and this particular spot was the reason I finally sat down and got to it. You guys... the burger here is my new favorite burger, of all time. I love burgers and this one is like a double smash burger of pure perfection. The vibe of the restaurant is also fabulous. I'd recommend the Vinho Verde, sitting in a booth inside, ordering the smash burger, and just enjoying the vibes. I first went with Joe one night, and then I loved the burger so much I took Lauren and her friend when they were in town just a couple weekends later to get it again!!

2. Bar Pisellino - this cafe/bar in the West Village is probably the most aesthetic spot in NYC I've been to... . The Sgroppino is the cutest drink, which is lemon sorbet, vodka, and prosecco. It's sour but a little sweet, and so refreshing. I definitely recommend trying that, particularly as an afternoon or dessert drink, but if you would prefer a classic cocktail, I thought the Negroni Bianco was amazing.

3. Pig and Khao - I really can't begin to describe how much I LOVE this place. It's a bit grungy, with neon green walls, located in the LES, and it's everything to me. Probably has to do with the fact they were playing old Kanye the entire time. Anyway, this southeast Asian spot is not only great vibes but the food has been written about in the NY Times, like, a lot. It's casual and cool and perfect for trying with hanyone who appreciates culture and likes to try new tihngs.

4. Dante - I'm sure you've heard of this cute West Village spot! It's truly so aesthetic and fabulous. It's hard to get a res, so I went late one night and had their espresso martini, which did not disappoint. Definitely want to go back one day for lunch or dinnner! They also have a location in Greenwich Village which I walk by often. It's not quite as pretty, but I'm sure it's still great.

5. Fish Cheeks - I went here with my dad the last night he was in town. It's a cute spot in Bowery for seafood-focused thai food. The cocktails were so good, and the food was fabulous, as well. We had the fried fish, which sounds heavy, but totally wasn't... it came on a salad that was outstanding. We also tried pork cheeks and a super spicy curry which almost killed me but was worth it!!

fried fish at fish cheeks bowery fran acciardo nyc restaurants

fish cheeks fried fish + salad

pig and khao lower east side fran acciardo nyc restaurants

pig & khao

Just for Drinks

1. Terra Blues - Adrian and I stumbled upon this blues bar when he was in town and we last-minute decided to go out. We love, love jazz/blues bars and were both truly AMAZED by the vibes in this place. There were bouncers outside who generously let us skip the cover fee because it was a Thursday and past midnight, so we walked inside to an adorably cozy bar and a fabulous blues band. Highly recommend this spot if you're downtown and love a jazz bar as much as I do, but note you will likely have to pay a cover. Find their schedule for live music here!

2. WXOU Radio Bar - Believe it or not, but I haven't actually gone out too much since living here. I will admit though, when I do, this is my favorite spot. It's fun, casual, small, but it's cash only! The people are chill, yet interesting. Located in the West Village.

3. McSorley's - located in the East Village, this is the oldest tavern in the US and the vibes are incredibly classic. You walk in, the guy says light or dark (they only have two things on the menu: light beer, or dark beer) and then he tosses down two beers per order, and I think they're only like $4?! It's a really cool spot you have to visit at least once. Cash only and an institution. I thought it was just fabulous. Somewhere to go for SURE if your dad or boyfriend is in town. 

Coffee / Breakfast

maman hudson fran acciardo nyc restaurants and cafes

maman hudson

1. La Colombe - if you haven't tried a black and tan yet, WHAT are you doing?! The black and tan is half cold brew, half La Colombe's signature draft latte... I do the oat milk draft latte, and it's amazing. Truly the best way to treat yourself or spice up your daily cut of coffee. Many locations.

2. Partners Coffee - Located in the WV, this coffee shop has *the* cutest branding and actually really delicious coffee. I got my dad a bag of their grounds when I was visiting him in Dallas, and it was a big hit!

3. Maman - a bunch of locations, but the prettiest place for a cup of coffee or breakfast! My brother and I came here for breakfast one morning, it's the perfect in-between of a sit-down cafe, without being served.

4. Vesuvio - I live near this bakery and it's not only adorable (like really, really adorable) but they make this beignet/donut style pastry that's called a Bambolini, and it's stuffed with a Nutella-like filling, and it's so absurdly delicious.

5. Dominique Ansel Bakery - Last but not least, if I'm going to mention donuts, I would be remiss not to acknowledge how much the Cronut from Dominique Ansel Bakery lives up to the hype. It is truly a more delicious world now that the Cronut exists.


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