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This Week's Top 10: Labor Day Weekend

fran acciardo this week's top 10 reading striped oxford shirt labor day weekend

1. Happy Friday and Happy Labor Day weekend!! I am so excited to be heading out to the Hamptons this weekend with my family! In the spring our family sold the original house we had in the Hamptons, so the new one has been under renovation all summer. I am so so excited to see it and see what my aunt has done with the new home, and especially looking forward to time with my brother (he got into the city last night and stayed with me) and the rest of my family!

2. There was quite the storm here on Wednesday night... Thinking of not only everyone in NYC who was affected, but also anyone in the south/New Orleans area who was in the path of hurricane Oda! I have a coworker who is from New Orleans and was telling me about the evacuation, and the damage that has already been done. Prayers to everyone affected and hoping you are all somewhere safe!!

3. I published the September mood board yesterday (both the desktop and iPhone size)!! If you haven't seen it yet, check it out here!

4. I finished The Idea of You this week and rated it five stars. The more the book went on, the more obsessed I became with the characters and their love story... This 40-year-old mom takes her daughter to a boy band concert one night (think One Direction) and they have backstage passes to meet the bannd. The main guy who is literally 20 (think Harry styles) ends up pursuing the mom, they end up dating, and the book is about their relationship involving fame and a pretty significant age difference. I truly couldn't put it down... just FYI, there was many a steamy scene, not gonna lie haha. If you've read it and couldn't get enough either, check out these podcast episodes from pods I love: Bad on Paper Book Club episode and My Hobby Pod's Hayes Campbell Book Boyfriend analysis, and interview with the author Robinne Lee!

5. Recently, before The Idea of You, I finished The Most Fun We Ever Had, which I rated a four! Starting The Blue Bistro by Elin Hilderbrand (loveee her - loved this Bad on Paper interview with her) this weekend. As always, you can keep up with what I'm reading on my Goodreads here!

6. One of my birthday presents from Joe was the Boy Smells LES Candle. I think it's my new fave of all of their scents that I've tried!

7. I have had Folklore and this Taylor Swift playlist of mine on repeat all week! Can't get enough now that it feels like fall!

8. I saw these shearling birkenstocks while walking around Soho this weekend and haven't stopped thinking about them since...

9. Just LOVE a striped sweater (under $100)

10. Hope you all have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend!

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