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This Week's Top 10: It's October?!

fran acciardo this week's top 10 october sailboat

1. Happy Friday and happy first day of October! I've been in Wisconsin all week staying with my boyfriend and it's been truly so lovely to enjoy nature and go for walks that feel so quiet and more peaceful than the city. It's also been such a treat to spend so much time together with Joe! I am supposed to leave on Tuesday but won't be surprised if I move my flight to stay a little bit longer :)

2. I know I say this every month but September just FLEW by. It's especially hard to believe because it's been in the 80s all week! 

3. These have been my dream fall boots for years, and this almost identical pair is about half the price

4. I added so many cute fall pieces to the shop page, here! Most things are under $100

5. Mango always has the best sweaters for fall, and they're having 30% off right now!

6. I've been reading quite a bit lately. I read five books in September, which is pretty good for me! I always update my Goodreads page if you ever need book recs, but a quick rundown:

7. I just finished Malibu Rising and loved it. I feel like it was so hyped up and everyone was talking about it, and I won't say it was my faaavorite book ever, but I did really enjoy it and wasn't disappointed. A great story about sibling relationships, family challenges, life living in Malibu, and Hollywood culture.

8. Also recently finished In Five Years which I loved.  I’d heard so much about this one too, so it had been on my list for a while, and it did not disappoint either. I’m a slow reader but I tore through this, finishing it in two days! I love a shorter book sometimes. 

The whole point of the book is that the main character, Dannie, gets engaged, falls asleep, and wakes up five years in the future. In this dream, she is with a completely different guy, in a different apartment, and has no idea what's going on. To me, the concept of Dannie waking up five years in the future for an hour made me think there wouldn’t be room for a creative plot… at least for me, I just assumed all of these relatively normal things would happen and she’d end up where her dream had shown her in the future. However, that wasn’t the case at all! Everything that led her to her future totally threw me off and surprised me, which I loved. Also really enjoyed that there was no bullshit, like for example, random backstories or details that were irrelevant to the plot, which I appreciated because it made this book super concise, and a total page-turner. 

9. A book I've read in the past that I think is perfect for fall: The Great Alone (obsessed. with. this. book. read my review here! I read it around this time last year)

10. If you need me, I'll be listening to my fall truth playlist on repeat for the foreseeable future.


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