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13 Table Lamps I'm Loving

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I'm finally starting to get back into the mindset of making apartment decor progress. When I moved in April, I was so overwhelmed with making a bunch of big-ticket purchases and just getting the basics into my apartment, and then I was out of town so much in July I just didn't really realize that my goals for my apartment had been put on the back burner and there are so many ideas that I have to make this space great and feel more complete! I am mostly just looking for art and decor, which is the fun part. 

I shared on my stories yesterday that one of my big goals is to figure out what to do with my console... I'm going to get a TV, and I thought about flanking it with slender lamps (like no. 5 you see below!) but then you all DM'd me saying... lamps... next to a TV... there'd be such a glare-- duh! Soooo now I'm back to the drawing board, but I did still want to share 13 cute lamps I found during my search. Why are lamps so much fun?!?!

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one // two // three // four // five

six // seven // eight // nine (similar here)

ten // eleven // twelve // thirteen


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