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August Moodboard (Desktop Wallpaper!)

fran acciardo august 2021 mood board desktop wallpaper

How is it August?! July flew by, spending over two weeks in Wisconsin, and then heading to Dallas this past weekend. August is generally my favorite month of the year, as it's my birthday month and means enjoying the last moments of summer, and in the past, it was time to head back to college, but this year I just don't feel the energy... 2021 feels like it's gone to fast and been too rushed, probably as a result of trying to make up for lost time last year. I am still not over my European adventure that was canceled in 2020, so the past few weeks have had me seriously daydreaming about a month in Europe, swimming in the sea, drinking spritz's, and exploring new places. You'll notice those are the vibes I channeled in this month's moodboard. I suppose a girl can dream, maybe next year! 

If you're looking for a lighter and brighter moodboard, download last August's moodboard here! It's more pink and white, beachy, champagne tones. Looking back at that post, it is interesting to read how last August was bittersweet for me too. I suppose I need to reframe my narrative that I love August so much, guess not anymore, lol. 

Anyway, not to put a damper on a whole month ahead! I guess I'm just tired from flying home late last night. Please enjoy this month's moodboard and tag me if you make this your desktop or phone wallpaper, it brightens my day more than you know!

(To set this as your desktop wallpaper on a Mac, right-click on the image at the top of this post, "save image as..." to your desktop, then go to your desktop, right-click the image, and "set desktop wallpaper" !)

iPhone-sized wallpaper here: 

fran acciardo august moodboard iphone wallpaper


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