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This Week's Top 10: Books, Weddings, and Lots of Sneakers...

fran acciardo this week's top 10 books weddings and lots of sneakers featuring issa rae wedding dress

1. I finished The Alchemist this week and absolutely loved it. It's a pretty quick read so I would highly recommend it. If you don't know what The Alchemist is, it's a classic fable written by Paul Coehlo, and it's sort of a mystical, metaphorical story of a boy who goes out on a search to discover his personal treasure and learns many life lessons along the way. It's essentially just a metaphor for life and following your dreams. I found it peaceful, heartwarming, and honestly, really encouraging. I gave it five stars!

2. Up next I am reading The Most Fun We Ever Had, and The Idea of You. I started The Most Fun on the plane last weekend and I am loving it so far. It's the story of four sisters, all going through their own individual crises right now, while their parents are living blissfully in retirement, more or less completely unaware of what the daughters are going through. It is really light so far but I just know something juicy is going to happen! 

3. After I finish that one, I picked up The Idea of You to read next!! I am SO excited to read this one because Grace Atwood (one of my favorite bloggers) has given it the highest praise and it's been on my list for sooo long. I don't even know what the premise is, I just know it's going to be great.

4. Since working from home, I've definitely noticed my back aching a bit more and my posture slipping. If you work from home, do you have a laptop stand? I am thinking of getting this one and wondering if any of you have recommendations or WFH essentials you'd suggest?

5. It's wedding season and there has certainly been no shortage of fabulous weddings recently! Whose would you prefer: Princess Diana's niece Lady Kitty Spencer's Royal London wedding, or Issa Rae's private wedding in the South of France (pictured above)?!

6. Also, congratulations to some of my favorite bloggers who have recently gotten married! Sydney from Summer Wind, and Kat from With Love from Kat!

7. My birthday is coming up in two weeks and I really think this set from the Sincerely Jules x Bandier collab, along with restarting my Classpass membership, should be my gift to myself. I haven't consistently been working out since... like... last fall, with the exceptions of walks and home workouts here and there, and I just really want to reprioritize my health and fitness again!

8. Speaking of that, I desperately need new sneakers, both running shoes, and everyday ones! I currently have these running shoes that I've sworn by for years, but now that I live in NYC I feel like I need a more stylish pair... am I crazy? I love the look of APL and On! Not sure if APL are supportive enough for running, but I love this neutral style with a pop of pink and this pretty light blue pair

As for On, the brand literally designed shoes to revolutionize running shoes, soo kind of seems like I need to try them?! I love this pair most for aesthetic purposes, and this pair for running. And honestly, I really like this pair specifically designed for tennis (by Roger Federer!) as I've been getting back into playing recently.

9. As for everyday sneaks, I have and love this pair of Veja's, but I've kinda trashed them since I've had them for a year and a half, and wear them like... every single day. I would love to get another pair, I love this style for my daily walks!

10. Ok finally, I love this Adidas pair for wearing with "regular" outfits, and this Nike pair just because they are so unique and cute, and we love a pop of pink.

Tonight I am excited for a little charcuterie night on Sasha & Christy's roof, and then Sunday I have tennis and brunch plans! So looking forward to a relaxing weekend of reading and just chilling out. What are you up to? Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


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