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March Moodboard (Desktop Wallpaper!)

Hello!! Happy March!! Apologies for my absence/lack of content lately, I've been... preoccupied ;) This month is going to be wild and I have spent the last two weeks crying both happy and sad tears and making lots of plans... if you follow closely, you probably know what's coming but if not, you're in for a surprise! Anyway, that said, this month I am trying to stay really positive, focus on myself, and curate good vibes to keep a positive mindset. March can be a dreary month, but it can also mean the start of spring and warmer temps, so green, positive vibes are what I am choosing to manifest!

I hope you love this month's moodboard as much as I do! Please tag me if you make this your desktop or phone wallpaper, it brightens my day more than you know.

(To set this as your desktop wallpaper on a Mac, right-click on the image at the top of this post -- it's higher res than the one below -- "save image as..." to your desktop, then go to your desktop, right-click the image, and "set desktop wallpaper" !)


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