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This Week's Top 10

photo via pinterest

 1. Happy Friday! First of all, in reference to the photo above, I've been following the Lady Gaga dog walker / french bulldog story and it is SO terrible. Makes me soo sad to hear about the french bulldog situation in our country but also happy to hear the dog walker is recovering! 

Beside that, I have been in a particularly good mood this morning because last night I got drinks and dinner with Elizabeth, which is always fun, and then this morning I practiced my new morning routine that I am obsessed with!

2. You may have noticed I didn't post much in February both on Instagram and here on the blog. February was just kind of a hectic/stressful month making future plans, etc, etc. but so many of you actually noticed my absence and asked what was up / how I was doing, and I wanted to say thank you for that!! I am so grateful for all of you who not only follow along but also genuinely care about my life!! A couple of you even mentioned you were waiting on the March mood board, so yesterday I kicked off the March content with the March Moodboard, which you can find here!

3. One of my all-time favorite bands, Kings of Leon, just released their first new album since 2016 today! I just started listening (like right now) so don't have an opinion yet but I am excited. You can listen on Spotify here!

4. I think I am late to the same on this but I discovered this jewelry brand, Stone and Strand, on IG recently and I am obsessed with their earrings... I think these gemstone huggies and these studs are both beautiful!

5. Bloomingdale's is my go-to for cashmere at a great price point, and they are having an insane cashmere sale right now! I love this subtle puff-sleeve sweater, this classic crew, and this chic sleeveless one! They're all well under $100!

6. OMG. These sandals are sooo chic, 70% off, and still available in all sizes right now!

7. This candle was a Valentine's Day gift from Joe to me, and I have really been loving it lately. I love Boy Smells candles in general and while I haven't smelled all of them, this one is a new favorite.

8. I don't know what it is, maybe the fact we are coming up on a year of Covid, but I am seriously craving banana bread right now...

9. I have been addicted to Pinterest lately. You can follow me here if you're addicted too!!

10. Hope you all have a lovely weekend! I don't know what I am doing yet but I am looking forward to the sunny, slightly warmer weather for sureeee.


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