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Neutral Home Inspiration

Helloooo! Today I am sharing another random home decor mood board! Creating these interior boards has become my new favorite hobby because it's a nice way to put some of my apartment ideas together and envision how I might want to decorate my (tiny) NYC apartment in a couple of months. This one feels really calm and clean, and I just love a neutral palette. 

I know that neutrals are super mainstream right now, and basically, everything on here is super basic. Like, especially those dining chairs, because I think every girl on IG has them in her apartment. But if I have room for a little dining setup in my apartment... I might just need them. They're basic for a reason-- because they're cute!!!

That desk situation though I think is a more unique twist on the basic neutral palette. I love that it's wicker; would be so chic in a Hampton's home or any home in a coastal setting (who do I think I am?!). Make it a bit more modern with a funky stool or more traditional with the pleated sconce!

Something I am obsessed with is that diamon pattern in flooring. Of course it reminds me foremost of Kris Jenner's infamous entryway, but in really any setting I think it's so fabulous and chic. I love that if you're in a rental and can't necessarily change up your entire flooring, you could opt for this rug! In my future home I seriously neeed the diamond flooring... whether in my mud room, powder room, or just a hallway...

Shop the post:

spackle canvas (another version here!) // diamond rug // animal spot rug

marble tray - top // marble tray - bottom

pleated sconce // bone link (longer version here) // wicker desk // stool / side table

dining chairs (these bar stools are a similar vibe and i loveee)

tulip dining table (white version here) // black arched mirror


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