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Gift Guide: My Christmas List

Hellooo! I am excited to share my personal Christmas list with you today! It's a little bit of a cop-out because I am not actually asking for anything this year, but ~if I were~, these would be the items on my list. A few I actually own and love so much I had to include them, but the majority are gifts I think would be wonderful to discover under the tree!

My Christmas List

1. Bluetooth Speaker

I just can't believe I don't already have one!

2. Glass Scrabble Board

Okay... I actually want this a lot. I mean, a glass Scrabble board?!  SO CHIC. I don't know if many of you know this about me... but I am obsessed with Scrabble. I get it from my dad... so nerdy but I don't even care. Favorite game ever and this version is fab!

3. Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

This is my favorite face wash! It's slightly expensive, and I am running low on it, so it would be a practical, well-loved gift for me.

4. Diptyque Cloche

I have been in love with this candle cloche for a couple of years since I discovered it while making past gift guides. It is just so beautiful! It's annoyingly overpriced though... this is very similar for just $10. 

5. Byredo Hand Cream + 6. Silk Pillow Cases

I'm all about the little luxuries in life, you know?

7. Cashmere Beanie

This Everlane Blue Cashmere Beanie was featured on my best friend gift guide! I just think it's so my truth... chic and blue!

8. The Cutest Bracelet Ever (local business!)

This is something I have and love. I wear it almost every day! My bestie Celia and I bought these bracelets together from a local boutique. It's under $40 and couldn't be sparklier. It looks so high quality and I love adding it to my everyday stack! Also comes in silver here.

9. Travel Jewelry Box

Every single time I travel I can't believe I don't already have this! This particular one is so cute... comes in a ton of colors and can be monogrammed!

10. Away "The Bigger" Carry-On

I received this as a graduation present a few months ago and I could not love it more! I probably will write a dedicated blog post on it soon because it's so wonderful. I was telling my boyfriend "I didn't know it could be such a joy to pack a suitcase!! There's a pocket for everything I need!" he was like... "are you... reading an ad?" hahah. I have the battery option in navy, with a monogram!

3. Lululemon Aligns

I have two pairs of these already, but for how much I wear them I wish I had a pair for every single day of the week!!! I have a pair each of the 25" length and the 28" length; for reference, I am 5'6'' and I typically prefer the 25'...' no real reason, I just think the above-the-ankle cut is more flattering and they're slightly comfier? I wear a 4 for reference!

A couple other random ideas...

+ A nice bag of flavored coffee grounds

+ Really any chic coffee table book (I have this one -- it's my favorite)

+ A candle snuffer 

What's on your Christmas list?


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