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December Moodboard (Desktop Wallpaper!)

Guess what day it is!!! Monthly mood board day!!! The last mood board of the year is here and I love it. I realized shortly after I completed it that I didn't include any champagne, which is both off-brand and a big miss... not only are Christmas and other religious holidays among us, but New Year's Eve is a part of December, too! Like, duh, what was I thinking?! Anyway, I am sure you get the vibe. 

I really love this mood board. Doing the monthly mood boards this year was unintentional, but I'm really glad it happened! I have loved seeing you share with me your love of the mood boards on Instagram throughout the year. When you tag me in stories with the mood board as your desktops and screensavers it truly brings me so much joy. I hope you've enjoyed this new series as much as I have... more mood boards to come in the future, of course!

(To set this as your desktop wallpaper on a Mac, right-click on the image at the top of this post -- it's higher res than the one below -- "save image as..." to your desktop, then go to your desktop, right-click the image, and "set desktop wallpaper" !)



  1. These wallpapers are my favorite things of the month! Thank you Frannie!

    xoxo, Ally


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