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This Week's Top 10: Good Random Holiday Vibes

1. I am SO OBSESSED with this photo. I found it on Pinterest and had to do a little digging because... omg... the flufff!!!! The rabbit's name is Balou, he was one year old at the time of this photograph, and he is a French lop rabbit. Of course he's French... hahaha. I adore him. The photo was taken by a photographer named Isabella Rozendaal. It's amazing what you can discover from a Pinterest photo if you just take a few minutes to dig.

2. Anyway, LOL, hellooo and Happy Friday! Tonight I am super excited because Joe and I are making this bolognese recipe for dinner! I have oddly been craving bolognese so I hope it turns out well (I already know it will because he is a great cook!). We are going to the local Italian grocery store after work to get everything we need, including fresh homemade pasta! We actually sent each other this recipe link at the exact same time over text, just out of coincidence. Crazyy. I laughed so hard at this review that I had to screenshot and share:

3. Speaking of Joe-- here is the small business where he ordered my Christmas gift! In case you missed my IG stories, he got me the most thoughtful gift ever: a custom-designed record with our two favorite songs on it! It was so sweet and such a great idea.

4. More on gift ideas: yesterday on my stories I shared a handful of gift ideas for a variety of recipients and yesterday on the blog I shared my personal Christmas list.

5. I am jealous of everyone who got snow this week!! We had a small dusting last weekend in Wisconsin, but there is barely any left on the ground. I have a pair of snow boots very similar to this Marc Fisher pair, but I also love this pair (the "curry" color... so cute!) and these! A few of my friends have Sorel's and I have heard nothing but the best about how warm and dry they keep you!

6. Sharing the link to my current fave hand cream because it's just $12 and smells heavenly. Would make a great stocking stuffer, or just a nice treat to yourself! We are all about the little luxuries over here!

7. Do you have a favorite song from Evermore yet?! So far I have three: Long Story Short, Coney Island, and Cowboy like Me.

8. I've been loving seeing people's Christmas decor on their IG's. I especially loved this reel that Stephanie Trotta made, and the ribbon in this post by Alex Yeske.

9. What's the best book you've read recently? I want to read more over the holidays!

10. Closing off this week's top 10 by sharing that I got two negative Covid tests this week before seeing a few of my family members for Christmas. Wishing you all a happy, safe, and healthy Holiday week next week!


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