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Moments from 2020

For the past 5-ish years, I have been recapping my year by sharing the highlights from each month. However, this year it feels inappropriate to talk about all of the highlights in my personal life when so many people had a year of loneliness, loss, financial struggles... the list could go on. For many, this year didn't have many highlights. This was a year flooded with struggles, sadness, and uncertainty. But, this year also brought hope, love, compassion, togetherness, and taught us what is truly important as human beings. So, here are my highlights, lowlights, and mostly just moments from 2020 that stuck out from all of the rest (because let's be honest, a lot of the days looked the same...)

Disclaimer: I have never had Covid, for which I am incredibly grateful. I have been taking the virus seriously from the moment I got home from spring break. I am incredibly grateful for my health and have always tried to make the right decisions for myself and for the greater community to not spread the virus... which you don't always see online. Of course, I have made mistakes along the way, but I promise I have been trying my best and will continue to do so.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me this year and followed along. I love this community and those of you who have been nothing but kind to me are truly the reason I continue to blog and share my life online. So, thank you, you know who you are. I appreciate you. Happy New Year!

Without further adieu: here are some of my memorable 2020 moments:

This Week's Top 10: Good Random Holiday Vibes

1. I am SO OBSESSED with this photo. I found it on Pinterest and had to do a little digging because... omg... the flufff!!!! The rabbit's name is Balou, he was one year old at the time of this photograph, and he is a French lop rabbit. Of course he's French... hahaha. I adore him. The photo was taken by a photographer named Isabella Rozendaal. It's amazing what you can discover from a Pinterest photo if you just take a few minutes to dig.

2. Anyway, LOL, hellooo and Happy Friday! Tonight I am super excited because Joe and I are making this bolognese recipe for dinner! I have oddly been craving bolognese so I hope it turns out well (I already know it will because he is a great cook!). We are going to the local Italian grocery store after work to get everything we need, including fresh homemade pasta! We actually sent each other this recipe link at the exact same time over text, just out of coincidence. Crazyy. I laughed so hard at this review that I had to screenshot and share:

3. Speaking of Joe-- here is the small business where he ordered my Christmas gift! In case you missed my IG stories, he got me the most thoughtful gift ever: a custom-designed record with our two favorite songs on it! It was so sweet and such a great idea.

Gift Guide: My Christmas List

Hellooo! I am excited to share my personal Christmas list with you today! It's a little bit of a cop-out because I am not actually asking for anything this year, but ~if I were~, these would be the items on my list. A few I actually own and love so much I had to include them, but the majority are gifts I think would be wonderful to discover under the tree!

December Moodboard (Desktop Wallpaper!)

Guess what day it is!!! Monthly mood board day!!! The last mood board of the year is here and I love it. I realized shortly after I completed it that I didn't include any champagne, which is both off-brand and a big miss... not only are Christmas and other religious holidays among us, but New Year's Eve is a part of December, too! Like, duh, what was I thinking?! Anyway, I am sure you get the vibe. 

This Week's Top 10:

ireland fran acciardo cliffs of moher

photo via Jess Ann Kirby

1. Hard to believe it's December and Christmas is only three weeks away! If you are looking for any gift ideas, you can find all of my gift guides here.

2. Yesterday on my IG stories I shared some of my recent purchases! I can't get enough of this men's henley, my new boots, or this coat...

3. This little ring is under $40 and so pretty.

November Favorites

Happy December, everyone!! November was all a blur... I honestly had to look back through my camera roll to even remember what I did, which (shocker!) wasn't much. Besides the election and Thanksgiving, what even happened? Couldn't tell you! So, this month's favorites will be short and sweet because I don't know what's going on these days!!