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This Week's Top 10: Recent Purchases + MKE Eats

This Week's Top 10 is a fun one!! I am sharing a handful of things I purchased this week, and then some of the Milwaukee spots I ate from this week! Some new to me, some old favorites... very excited to share because this is something I wish I posted about more often! 

1. Did this week go by SO quickly for anyone else?! I am officially two months into my job and incredibly busy, which I love. Time just flies by when I am busy and I love how challenged I feel by my job. I am currently on two projects and my calendar this week was insane... back-to-back meetings for hours every single day... then maybe an hour break, and then back to meetings! Next week is shaping up to be similar, but after that, it's already Thanksgiving, and wow, I am EXCITED!

Recent Purchases

2. Speaking of Thanksgiving!!! I am hosting a small Friendsgiving with my best girlfriends next Sunday and finally figured out my plan for decor yesterday. So far, I have ordered these place cards (which COULD NOT BE CUTER!!!) and picked up these chic candlesticks at Target that I am so happy with! I am so excited to share how everything turns out.

3. I might order this as the centerpiece...

4. I also picked up this candle at Target. For how big it is, the price is mind-blowing. When I brought it home I set it in my kitchen and without even lighting it, it made the whole room smell amazing. The scent is strong but not sweet (I am not into that!)... more of a warm and spicy vibe, perfect for the season

5. I ordered these leather pants this week and couldn't be more excited about them. They remind me a lot of the Aritzia pair everyone has been wearing, but for a fraction of the price.

6. I think I want to wear this top with the leather pants for Friendsgiving... feels like an unexpected, yet seasonal and fun combo?!

MKE Spots I ate at this week...

7. (pictured above) Last Sunday morning, my boyfriend and I wanted bagels (shocking). I wanted to try a new spot, so I literally typed "bagels" into my phone and it took us to Allie Boys' bagels on National and 2nd St. Super random location, but the most pleasant surprise. Not only is the place extremely cute, but their everything bagel is by far the. best. everything bagel I have ever had.... in my whole life. The salt to bagel ratio is heavenly and it has chives or something on it that really gives it a punch of extra flavor. If you are in MKE, please try it! If you order online they will bring your order out to you so it's contactless. I had an everything bagel with the labneh + herb cream cheese, which was delightful. Labneh is like greek yogurt, so the cream cheese was super tangy and refreshing... highly recommend.

8. Ok so.... right after we had bagels... I really wanted a chocolate chip cookie. LOL, if you know me in real life this doesn't surprise you at all. So, at like 10 am, we went to C. Adams Bakery at the Public Market (an MKE classic!) and taste-tested the regular m&m cookie vs. the vegan chocolate chip cookie. The market was pretty empty so we were able to get in, get our cookies, and get back outside in under 10 minutes. The vegan one was mindblowing... so good. If you're in MKE, don't knock it until you try it!

9. This is random but listen up: I am a HUGE fan of bao buns. If you have never had a bao bun, you have to try them. Do yourself a favor... they are so delicious. (bao is a steamed bun, so the bread appears raw but actually it's cooked just super light in color!) On Saturday night for dinner, my boyfriend and I got bao from Easy Tyger, which is one of my fave places for ramen in MKE. We ordered over the phone so I just ran in and grabbed our bag, and then was back in the car without touching anything or being close to anyone. We had the pork belly bun which was SO GOOD, and then the brisket bao, which is good but not life-changing... I had the crispy tofu bun last month when I went with friends and would recommend that one over the brisket. The pork belly bun is amazing because the pork belly is so juicy and then they throw in cashews, which provide this crunch that really contrasts well with the fluffiness of the bao. 

10. Last but not least! On Tuesdays, I watch Bachelorette at my high school best friend's house, so this week before the show we went to dinner at Le Reve! I haven't been dining in restaurants much, mostly just doing takeout, but the restaurant was pretty empty and was had a spot by the window so we felt super safe/alone. If you've never been, it's a really underrated spot for incredible French food. The brie crostini, gnocchi, French onion soup, and prosciutto salad are all to die for. Two of us had the French Quarter cocktail which blew my mind... so delicious. It was super fruity and refreshing. 

Have you purchased or eaten anything fabulous lately?


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