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Gift Guides for the College Gal + Recent Grad

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a nice, relaxing weekend. My weekend was very laid back, which was quite lovely. It is officially chilly here now after the little hot streak last week, so I was kind of happy to stay inside and be all cozy. I worked on these gift guides all day yesterday and I am super excited to share a gift guide for the college gal and another for a recent grad today! Hope you find some inspiration if you're gifting to any college/post-college aged gals this season!

College Gal

1. Makeup Brush Set

New makeup brushes were always on my Christmas list in college. I wore much more makeup in college because I was going out multiple times a week. Getting new brushes every so often is incredibly important to keep your skin clean!

2. My Go-To Going Out Bag

This is the exact black crossbody I have and love! In college, it was my go-to going out bag, but now I just use it whenever I run errands or go ... literally anywhere. It's such a simple, cute bag. 

3. Acrylic Hair Clips

I LOVE this trend!! I always needed clips in college... whether it was to toss my hair up while doing my makeup or randomly in the library. Who can really ever have enough? I love the colors of this selection I linked.

4. Monogrammed Waffle Cosmetic Bag

So cute! I feel like I was always transporting my makeup or toiletries in college. Going home for the weekend, moving in/out of an apartment, heading on winter or spring break... lots of occasions where a cute cosmetic bag served me well.

5. Veja's

Everyone either has or needs a pair of Veja’s… They were my go-to shoe for class in college, and now they are just a fave for everyday wear. So cute and a very flattering shape. Shoutout to Meghan Markle for starting this trend a couple years ago!

I loved having a nice planner in college. However, they are more expensive than you'd think, so I usually asked for one as a Christmas gift. My favorite planner in college was very similar to this one I linked-- cute, yet simple, with ample room for all of my assignments and activities!

A handful of my friends in college had this Bose speaker, and we all think it's a great one! It's Bluetooth, so it connects to your phone easily, and it's super high quality, like anything you'd get from Bose. It's also small enough that it can be portable, so we could bring it with us if we went somewhere for a weekend or to a friend's apartment for a pregame.

A few of my girlfriends in college wore these leggings all the time and raved about them. They are super flattering, comfortable, and look nicer than your average leggings.

Okay... if you don't already have this, add it to your Christmas list ASAP and thank me later. I have convinced quite a few of my friends to get this and they all love it as much as I do now. Basically, in under 10 minutes, with very minimal effort (you just have to brush your hair!) you have a voluminous, bouncy blowout! And, it's under $50! What more could a girl ask for?

I know many (if not all) dorms don't allow for candles and the same goes for some apartment buildings. Diffusing essential oils is a great way to get a similar vibe to a candle without breaking any rules, and you can really make it a self-care moment as an added bonus... try lavender for sleep or relaxation, frankincense or orange for boosted focus and motivation, and soo many more.

12. AirPod Pros (now on sale!)
I truly love my AirPods and they are one of my top college essentials. Whether I wore them on my way to class to listen to music, while studying, or on a run, they changed the game for me. The AirPod pros are even better because they are noise-canceling, so they are perfect for bringing to the library for studying, or studying at your apartment if your roommates are watching TV (lol).

One of my roommates and I both have this bag and absolutely love it. It's just so cute, and the best duffel for heading home for the weekend or taking any short trip.

This bright sweater is so cute and looks just as cozy! I love the pink but it comes in a few colors. Would be perfect for studying, wearing to class, or just hanging out.

Recent Grad

1. Colored Glassware + 2. Colored Tumblers

Kicking it off with a random gift that I personally would LOVE to receive. When I move into my first apartment (hopefully in the spring!), I really want colored glassware and drinkware. It's one of those random things I've been thinking about for months and truly envision in my future, hahaha. I love both of the options I've linked here... would just add so much character! This small business makes beautiful colored glassware, and also love these pink goblets from a different, hand-curated, small biz.

3. Greece: The Cookbook

Is this not the cutest cookbook?! I love Greek food and anything blue and white. A cute cookbook doubles as recipe inspiration for a recent grad, as well as coffee table book material! Win, win.

4. Zodiac Framed Art Prints

When I first started making these gift guides, this is one of the first things I added and still love so much. I mean, these prints just couldn't be cute and come framed! There is a unique print for each zodiac sign.

5. Everyday Leather Tote (can be personalized!)

You guys know I am a huge fan of the everyday leather tote concept. There is truly nothing more useful!! I use mine whenever I travel, and also used it every summer for internships. I plan to get a new one when I have to go into the office every day for work. My best friend has the exact one I've linked here, and she added her monogram! It looks a lot like the one I have, but mine is no longer available. It's also super high quality at the perfect price point. 

6. The Goober Candle

I just think this candle is so adorable. Would make a cute little piece of decor in a recent grad's new apartment.

7. Cozy Sherpa (monogrammed!) Robe

A super cozy robe is such a little luxury. This one comes in three colors, can be monogrammed, is under $50, and couldn't look cozier!

8. New Job Candle

If you know a recent grad who just secured a new job, I love this candle! The scent description also sounds fabulous. This brand makes really cute candles for a variety of occasions, too.

9. College Town Tumbler

I actually worked with this small business in the spring, and I love their products. They have a wide variety of drinkware, glassware, and more, for almost any college town you can think of. I have this water bottle, but I also love the tumbler I've linked, and many more on their site.

10. THE BEST Makeup Brushes: Artis Makeup Brush Set

Artis recently sent me this set of their makeup brushes to try... and omg, they are A GAME CHANGER for doing makeup!!! I've used the big one so far for foundation, and I notice it does two things: (1) covers up my blemishes better... like any redness is more well-masked than the previous brush I used, and (2) makes my makeup look less noticeable if you're close to my face... like you can hardly tell I have makeup on. How these brushes do that, I'm not sure, but I'm hereeee for it. I've also used the little one for cream eye shadow and highlighter, and it helped blend it so well. They also are just so soft and feel amazing on your skin. I know some people even use them for skincare!

11. AWAY Bigger Carry-On or Beis Suitcase

The AWAY Bigger Carry-On was one of my graduation gifts! I watched a handful of YouTube videos on suitcase reviews to decide what I wanted (clearly had lots of time on my hands in quarantine) and I haven't used it yet, but really looking forward to it. I got it in the navy with a mint monogram! It has a battery charger, many features, and just looks really cute. I also linked the Beis suitcase because I know some people love that brand as well! I think both options would be great for a recent grad.

12. Gold Bar Cart

If you know someone who has just moved into a new apartment, she probably wants a bar cart if she's anything like me, my friends, or other gals I know! This is a chic, sleek option that could be dressed up in so many ways.

13. Porcelain Bowl Set

Last but not least: a practical gift, but make it cute!

Are you shopping for any college gals or recent grads this season?


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